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  1. Was down there last season and they deserve a lot of credit . So much hard work been done .
  2. Season tickets are now on sale Its like buying a ticket for a film , and you don't know who's in it . but buy it anyway .
  3. Paying anyone to play at that level of football is silly .
  4. Any club paying cash to play in that league need to have a look at themselves .
  5. I'd sooner contribute towards his wages providing he never returns to us. If he was paid on ability , he would be paying the club .
  6. Coates is like a drunk man on a motorbike . Learmont isn't a bad player . The other I've never heard of .
  7. Longridge had talks with Queens last season .Would be good signing .
  8. Doyle yes ,McShane bone idle ,and absolute passenger .
  9. The next few months will see jobs cuts and redundancies . Dumfries and Galloway is one, if not the , poorest paid areas in Scotland . Giving away cash to many isn't an option .
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