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  1. I get having issues, the situation might be horrible for them to supply a live stream (though after all this time, can’t sort it out/ask other streaming football providers for tips) but that sort of reply is just horrific.
  2. Issues as normal with ParsTV, I haven’t bought a stream in a long time but someone on .net complaining with an audio issue just got the reply, ”why are you saying at 20 past 3 you can`t hear anything ? is that factually correct.” I can’t believe that was a reply to someone having issues
  3. Liam Hogan is the only youth I wouldn’t recognise by sight so I think that’s him
  4. Is there a supporters bus with available seats for the Falkirk game from Dunfermline? Myself and my brother are coming down from Aberdeen
  5. This Sure it can be good banter saying we’re a big club, etc, etc. Sure we might have a better stadium, fan numbers, facilities but on the pitch we’re a Championship level club and have been for a while.
  6. Hope we’ve had a look at Harry Cochrane, surprised he was released by Hearts. Being with us before might give us a chance. Wouldn’t mind Ross Draper either, always liked him
  7. Is this game televised? I think I read in an interview that it was and since I'm currently working in Greece, I'm sorely missing my football and the chance of seeing the Pars would be fantastic
  8. Very surprised no other clubs were sniffing around Morris, he has the experience and with us he got a lot of game time to show he still has it. Very happy with the players signed on for next season so far! If we're able to keep Higgy then I'll be over the moon!
  9. I've been crying into my pillow for four hours because of him! Big bully said I was a townie mink!! I don't know what I did to upset him, etc etc. Top banter though, 10/10 will read again
  10. Thank you, I'll keep my eye on it but it'll be towards July that I can get it
  11. Looking for a little information guys, I'm interested in buying this seasons kit but haven't got the money. How long does the club shop hold onto the full kit after the season has finished?
  12. Ah, well... They're basically the same... Oops 🙈 The Par Fae Aberdeen(shire)
  13. In my opinion, players we need to sign/top priority :- Cardle El Bakhtaoui Geggan Players I'd like to sign :- Falkingham Fordyce McCabe Moffat Talbot Spence BRE McKay ( still has another year at Kilmarnock ) Paton Wouldn't be the end of the world if we lost :- Rooney Robinson Reid Byrne Wallace The Par Fae Aberdeen(shire)
  14. Scott Robinson? The guy that was at Hearts/Kilmarnock? The Par Fae Aberdeen(shire)
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