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  1. He may have gone bust but I'm sure I remember just before his Presidential companies got into difficulties he moved a lot of his assets into his wife's name.
  2. Can't be so short of money or even confidence for staying in the Championship since they've been offering young players full time contracts https://twitter.com/craigreid1875/status/727958671267921923
  3. People are entitled to do what they want with their own money. Doesn't mean she shouldn't be paid what she is due from the club whether she worked every shift going or not. Some people had a go at Massone for being dragged to court rather than pay people what the club owed them but this lot are just the same.
  4. I've been passing the time having a wee look back over the thread. Hard to believe it was more than 7 years ago. I wonder if any of the posters sticking up for Ged Nixon way back then have changed their minds and would admit I was correct? Is the "Trust" still going?
  5. Latest list of shareholders in Livingston 5 Ltd: 100 shares in total Ged Nixon 20 shares Robert Wilson 20 shares Gordon Ford 40 shares Neil Hogarth 20 shares The latest accounts for LFC up to 30th June 2014 can be viewed here: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/document-api-images-prod/docs/fYIGLjDsyooH6JtkO1c4bANBLgFN1LKGKAFlxAkiK20/application-pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=ASIAI6OWBGA3T2WTALVA&Expires=1442834516&Signature=XOeUIMMelm5%2BwAod5FtqbSVZ2vk%3D&x-amz-security-token=AQoDYXdzELr%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwEa4APZoDawlMEIElKamB03bomihHSPQEyPVA%2BOFReDWYkwj0rso%2FvLbnbL%2Bvvbv%2B%2B%2Bx69yXnHDZuVLEiRhV%2FeEMjFvljKWflc9Kbl07gyM4kGuJ58DyF4ESy3VpU%2FwInApY5OPotncdj2Bl1KF2j3XrUtndk5ca1CH9gvlziUsCHmWDN%2BzwBUciDRk5CEKz2lVnGpYN7dd%2BqE57cJYNXUq%2B5qrLQBFqm3dzCFjrCB4JrOukTCu2cPcy4D8F%2Bead3fUNYVQxkws7HDLC5d6yHPRwVCO0sMSkID%2B1cbz5zrWAfk8P4Sy4Ba%2BXt7WgdmwbTzZKsY3ls%2FXf1WIFR28Iz2Ddq%2Fvky4g9XC56ao4Bu9kQgpGfZypcAm4tObtw7JsfXMR%2FKuKOrZxi4qEvnRz0srsmXGtb57MPEkTGoS6lbPFfjnVHHY3sBkMUpiSCmvPs9VSiBpdcgbfj8m8bFwmEq7N7xUgIsMQDNrs0yZZ2zUkuKr%2FoJ8oqdsiU%2BU5kJ8s5aV7h7JkKhcsg4AyDPkHUur5AHQeZRVyYHBcZzp4A187DsPTXExDCxDKAd4XOeArlAlKVD9dLvlqizuneQnlnGGAkao4%2BTXrrS603PBiJXiSVR82A06XFMdcRbLNhVkl4hUnuekgnv%2F%2BrwU%3D
  6. Just because it's in the public domain doesn't mean it's stopped being a legal document though?
  7. If customers found out the painter, joiner or brickie working for them was out on bail for a vicious assault, I'm sure quite a few would cancel the job. Like it or not, footballers are looked on as heroes & role models by youngsters and it's not fitting to have someone like that at a football club who are looking for support in the local community. It wasn't like he was in the middle of his contract and it could be argued then that he had to be paid anyway but they gave him a new contract knowing there's a good chance he will be sent down after the appeal. Looks like Grant has shown the new board also have forked tongues.
  8. Exactly. And it's not a huge leap to take to see how this could also affect season ticket sales too. If a major sponsor finds it distasteful, how do families with young children feel about a club trying to appeal to the community for support when employing convicted thugs and drug dealers?
  9. Some papers making the link between Gallager signing and the sponsors chucking it.
  10. As the stadium is council owned, that would only benefit the council.
  11. "Energy Assets has honoured the existing agreement in full, and will continue to support the Livingston Youth Foundation, and the excellent work it does in our community." HTHBIDI
  12. I'm not really bothered to be honest. After so long of pissing into the wind you get fed up getting soaked I've lost interest to such a degree that I saw more Stirling Albion games last season than Livi's.
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