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  1. Going to be in the Burgrplatz fanzone for opening game too. Will Scotland fans gravitate together? Anyone seen anything on beer prices in the fanzone? I see munich is €6.50 for 500ml, which isn't outrageous if the same in all fanzones.
  2. Believe there is a release clause and that would probably make it hard therefore to negotiate add ons, unless you have 2/3 clubs all meeting it and they use that as the tools to secure him. Tbh, I'd take £500k if offered. Looks decent, but it wouldn't surprise me if next season he looked a very different player in a maybe differently set up team. If it was the old/current owners, the argument would be we need the cash to balance to books, but not sure if under the new owner we'd be needing to do the same? Either way, nice to have a positive aspect of a good player with value.
  3. Given the short notice, probably would to have put some kind of down payment on potential pie orders, police costs, stewards etc. Couldn't just short that all put at zero cost with a few hours notice. £15k seems pretty cheep to be honest.
  4. That's a good piece of business. By far our most creative player last year and unlike Considine, doesn't look like his legs have gone yet.
  5. Interesting that Phillips hasn't been confirmed as signing for anyone else, yet... Fully expect him to be away, but sort of dispels the notion that a PCA had been signed elsewhere. He will have been offered a contract, if for nothing other than protecting the development fee. I'm liking that we are doing things a bit earlier the season, rather than the mess of last season. Bar CB and LB, we could probably put out a decent side based on what we know to be confirmed.
  6. Agree with this. He's still a lot to prove and it's not as if his goal scoring record with us is amazing. Aside from clearly an agent touting him, I suspect his techy stats must be enough to trigger a few on these clubs. If a bid is a couple of hundred k, then we don't sell as that money is not enough to really make that big a difference. When you start to get to £500k upwards, the club has a decision to make, as let's face it, he is unproven and that turnaround for a player who we only signed a few months ago would be pretty impressive. Plus, we have possibly sold ourselves to him and Benji etc as a club who will give a platform to showcase and sell on. Ditto in Mitov. Will be interesting to see how the new owner dynamic changes things when it comes to transfers. If we are seen to be having a bit of finance behind us, it maybe puts prices up slightly for our players.
  7. Always find it odd the whole approach of standing doing a speech in front of folk like this. People stop listening to what is being said and are as interested in the reactions behind. It's got gaff warnings written all over it. I predict we'll get a gaff of mp knocking in door and being told to f**k off on camera.
  8. The Americans are such a bunch of fucking idiots when it comes to politics. Some countries must look at its claim of being a great democracy and laugh. Aside from a 2 horse presidential cycle, that they have ended up with 2 candidates that wouldn't look out of place in a nursing home. Trump is clearly a heads gone bampot who deserves jail and mocking for the rest of his days, but more fool the Democrats for putting up such a poor candidate against him. Sure signs that a) the Republicans have zero depth beyond MAGA and b) the Democrats have no credible alternatives. Given its entirely conceivable that either could die in office, the VP picks are paramount and who trump picks will set the tone for the next decade. Rest assured folk like Bojo, Farage and Truss will be lookimg at his antics and be thinking of following the tact here.
  9. Probably the most expensive when you break it down to price per home goal though!
  10. If Mitov has a clause, then it's one that saints probably put in reluctantly. Better to get him with a clause and have that one good season, than not to have signed him at all. Question is will/can we reinvest any fee received or does it go to cover the expected losses this season. On the season tickets, well done to the club for the promo, but the big sell will be once we know what owner, manager, retained players and ambition we have next season. More of them same and I'm not sure they will shift that many.
  11. To be fair, having a good solid keeper is a great foundation for Levein or any manager to build on. For all that Sidebeh and Kimpioka are both all about pace, they are very different kind of strikers, as is Clark and May, so up front we have a good mix of options. If we assume Sven stays, there will be plenty of good quality midfielders we can bring in and to be honest, as much as Matt Smith fristraits, we get 2/3 good quality players around him, there is a very capable player in there. Defence is going to be our hardest area to recruit for. Most options will either be at the start or end of their career and those in the middle are probably priced our for us, unless, the new owner creates a decent enough budget for it. You'd also assume Levein can spot a defender more that Macca or Liam could. For me, the grounds for optimism are that with a new owner should come a new freshness to the club. Even if finances stayed much the same, just having someone with a bit more initiative in and around the club should lift the whole place.
  12. Anyone know how figure out what fans are sitting in what sections for non scotland games? I've tickets for another game, Romania v Ukraine and trying to figure out which lot of fans ill be closest to or in amongst.
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