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  1. Maybe nobody wants to talk and ignoring it for a reason. Most have a hundred and one things to do before thinking about or bothering about this , it won't be priority .
  2. What the south of scotland qualifying preliminary knockout let in whoever wants a game cup? Have they won that though?
  3. Let's face it in regards to Clydebank if it wasn't for the juniors yous would be playing at mount blow recreation park at best or even worse a bunch of guys sitting in the Lovat or where ever reminiscing about the old times with nobody to watch. It's akin to falling ill, calling for the ambulance then when you wake up shouting f**k off i hate you at the nurses who saved you.
  4. Just so people understand your position and i quote . So you hate junior football a place that rescued your club now that's distasteful and I'm sure many will agree. Is this a common view at Clydebank?? Cause over the years when they have did well and celebrated like mad at doing well the last thing it looks like is people hating anything you must trod off in the huff when such occasions occur i mean why celebrate anything in something you hate. That's a diabolical attitude to have fucking shocking actually not that you will care. Ok folk may prefer there club to go one way or another but to say you hate this grade of football is an utterly pathetic way to feel about any grade of football that has enriched and been a part of Scottish society for over 125 years and who i repeat took Clydebank in. Aye i think the lowland league is a joke, aye i have my views on certain things mostly opposite to people like yourself but i don't hate any level of football . Maybe best not to bother going to something you 'hate' so much i know the last thing i would do is invest my time money and emotion into my team if i hated what they were apart of.
  5. Why is it not acceptable. When you go to an amateur game or lower level junior game you know what you are getting, I certainly do. I know facilities will be basic, I know it's not champions league football. I know it's not even going to be good non league level i don't care. Not everywhere can have cover or good standard of play or programmes . As long as i get a decent welcome and a bit of entertainment for my money i go away happy. This is the problem some people have there head in the clouds and expect this and that all the way down the grade. Clubs with little facilities and not playing even to a good non league standard should be applauded not criticised for keeping there local clubs going and providing at least an option of local grass roots football. You say no match programme big deal that's a bonus not a necessity for a good match experience. Said home club you mentioned have a very good social media presence, film games, lots of young players being given a chance to play football, decent sponsorship and obviously have a place in the local area I've always been impressed by them yet they get it the neck from a guy down in englandshire like yourself for having no match programme and no cover and no playing like real madrid of the non league world. Honestly give them and teams like them a break ffs. Everyone has there place not everyone can have all the bells and whistles as a non league club, all this pie in the sky rubbish about a pyramid and money filtering down to teams like one you mentioned really hmm. Just let them be, let them do there thing, the boys will enjoy the football, the club will generate there own money and provide what they do for there local area that's what it's all about at the end of the day.Team like you mention are are what they are and should be applauded and respected for what they do and what they do offer as it would be easy just to not bother and not provide anything to the local area. Btw club you mentioned are oldest junior side in perthshire and have been out the game in the past and came back from the dead something else they should be applauded for.
  6. Looked through a few myself recently and in early 2000s we got 975 and just over 1000 for west of Scotland 2nd and 3rd round ties. Three or four similar crowds in the early 2000s at random games where you wouldn't expect such crowds. Given the whole of Scottish football crowds have slipped i don't think anyone can have to much of a go at junior football for the dip. Junior football by nowadays standards still pull in decent crowds just not as regular and not so much early rounds of cups like even 15 years ago. It's more a good increase when it comes to quarters onwards.
  7. What's talking about the 1940s 50s or 60s got to do with the future of junior football. Not that pnb ever sticks to topic.
  8. See this is the thing the post two above ah it was great in the day, it was but then he says he will still go now and take a few games in. Now is that for nostalgia sake or something and really he thinks it's absolute rubbish ? Make no mistake about it junior football is still a cracking grade of football when you boil it down to the actual game itself and what it serves up and it value for money. Still having that in this day in age is no easy feat. Yes it needs more change yes it needs better leadership but when you have the basics going for you then you will always have something to work with and worth keeping.
  9. You and others like you have your thoughts i and many others have ours. This won't change we will never agree and that is indicative of junior football it will always be divided on this.. You can bleat on here for however long and hope for change some of us will just get on enjoying the great grade we have. Thanks and all the best.
  10. Simply no true. That's a lazy thing to say ock yer a dinosaur stuck in the dark ages if you ain't for this pyramid and lowland. Stereotypical pish if you don't mind me saying.
  11. So those who don't buy into this pyramid or lowland league are stuck in the 70s and backward thinking right you are whatever you say.
  12. Do you not think Pollok Archie team have 'level of aspiration ', of course they do that's why they are recruiting and investing in a very good playing squad. They have hundreds of punters every week who are eager like all fans to see there team excelled and win as much as possible in the junior game. Many junior teams have high levels of ambition and aspiration without even thinking or bothering about some pyramid or lowland league.
  13. Are you Stuart Regan . Full of hot air no really got a clue just making it up as you go along [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28]
  14. They were an amateur side for a while as you will know, they didn't do much and didn't win much therefore didn't have much pedigree and can be rightly be classed as a lesser junior club with no real tradition in the juniors . No matter what grade they played in they would never have been a sustainable club so it's a stupid example. Whatever league they were in when they went bust they were a lower level junior club.
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