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  1. Just curious but does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get money from games like this one? Is it usually quite quick or does it take the home team weeks to work out the income and costs?
  2. Game over 2-1 Dundee Utd. Dunfermline beat 5-0 at home by Morton. ICT beaten 1-0 at home by QP, not good for us. Thought Dundee Utd deserved the win. We looked slightly better than we did in Dundee in December but still look toothless up front and we gave away two poor goals.
  3. Worth a watch - Andy Walker comes across as a friendly and professional guy.
  4. Was thinking we might get more folk attending our matches because we have Scott Brown in charge. Probably more interest from the media (as others have mentioned), lapsed Ayr fans coming back, folk wanting to see if he succeeds or fails, etc. Would not surprise me if we got some Celtic fans want to see him.
  5. Wonder if the new management appointment will significantly increase our home & away attendance figures? Would hope it will attract Ayr fans that had given up this season as well as folk just curious to see what happens.
  6. Did we have Boric on loan for a game or two a few season back?
  7. This game is almost as good as the last one up in Arbroath
  8. Article says Ayr’s board was hoping to make a decision today. I guess they would then have to get back to the successful candidate to confirm he wants the job and sign a contract, etc. before announcing anything?
  9. Not sure if this is posted elsewhere already https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68069102
  10. I did not get to that game but remember reading about it in the papers and being delighted at the result. We used to play some big English teams in the Texaco & Anglo Scottish cups in those days. Beat Newcastle 3-0 in 1976..
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