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  1. No , we have had and we got Karma Argentina 78
  2. Missing such an important penalty cannot be good for one s well being. Relatively recently Don Masson released his book , and his failure against Peru was still a large topic of conversation
  3. Just thinking about how close Southgate came to being a legend as opposed to not ! Even though his team was on the defensive side he very , very nearly did the job. Wouls any other ( realistic ) choice of manager been as successful ? ( with a more creative team )
  4. Skinner ( napoleon ) also had Sophie Ellis Baxter on his show to apologise to her A new theme for chat shows - insult someone and get them on to apologise !
  5. ..and more than a little gammony. Sorry , what is the significance of gammon ?
  6. One of them might have known better considering he is of a minority
  7. It arrived home when we played C.R. at Hampden !
  8. Maybees ayes , etc but the first time I saw an " Anyone but .. " t shirt the country was Australia !
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