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  1. They wanted rid of May last year but he turned down 2 moves in January. 1 to Queens Park as he did not want to drive fi Glasgow daily for training !!
  2. He was giving Essel some serious grief for being to slack a couple of times but equally other times giving him the thumbs up for his good stuff One other thing I found refreshing is hearing the new keeper roaring all day long at his defence. Very vocal.
  3. MacPherson is shite. Unbelievable he's our starter. A big problem going into the season if he's a nailed on starter
  4. It's wild in here FFS. I personally think all the kids could do with half a season playing regularly in the championship. It would make a world of difference to their development.
  5. These type of signings are depth and probably allow us to continue the development of some of our younger players via loans. We were crying out for depth last season. Both should be hungry to prove their worth and kick on with their careers. Both good ages
  6. The one saving grace is that Dimi absolutely loves It here at St J. Could we attempt offering him an improved deal ?
  7. 100% this. He only come here due to the release clause. I'd imagine there will be a % clause inserted for any future moves. Great player and hopefully we can unearth another good GK. Been very lucky over the years in this area of recruitment
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