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  1. You only got shipped from the top flight once followed by a visit to the Seasiders.
  2. This should have had a P&B vote attached to this thread with two questions.1. If you do or don’t agree with the ban. 2. If the team you support is in the prem. if not then we can remove your diddy ass from the vote
  3. Was glad to see Livi flushed doon the shitter mainly to get that pitch TF.
  4. Downing on yer rival you wouldn’t catch us doing that
  5. Doodle for the JTs. Looking like 7th will finish with a higher points tally that dungdee. No sure if I should evoke that ole saying but they play shite teams or chuckle at they sheepers making an effort now the party’s over
  6. Poor effort 1/10 now FO to the prem seaside league
  7. Then f**k off back through there! why would the uncivilised want to live in civilisation
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