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  1. This is it, it's about getting the balance right. We got the balance way wrong and just invited Germany on to us. Not enough forward to even muster a counter attack. Clarke needs to learn and fast, that wasn't cutting it at tournament football. Didn't last time and was worse this time. Saying that I do think/hope we will get it right tonight.
  2. Aye I remember the old days when players used to stand still on the spot allocated to them.
  3. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/24394115.75-year-old-dutch-legend-slaughters-ex-celt-scotland-star/ It's hard to imagine there were any neutrals watching that who didn't think were the worst team at the tournament. It's as about embarrassing a start as we could have imagined. Worse id say than @BFTD's Micro dicked pitch shitters. At least they won the game.
  4. Well yes we do, as does every team who's ever played football at any level. The examples you give don't reflect a team doing it well.
  5. I find it surprising that people just compare generations as if their all the same and no team improves or gets worse. It's the best team we've had in that time, with the easiest pathway to getting to the euros. Comparing him to previous managers and saying "he's done the best" is what is thick.
  6. Well the answer is again I don't. I don't know him other than media interviews so have no personal opinion on him at all. I've been a big supporter of steve clarke for a long time. That's the last I'll speak on this. Let's just concentrate on the next match and hope scotland can do it.
  7. That's a great post I've made there, thanks for bringing it up. Would be fair to say either of those coaches would have done better on Friday.
  8. With regards to another manager. My first hope would be they can send out the team for big games without looking like they just witnessed a murder and football was the furtherest thing from their minds.
  9. Again your putting words in people's mouths and talking rubbish, it's boring. Clarke has shown throughout his tenure that he's able to turn things around and get results when they aren't expected. So I'm hoping he can do that again. After the Germany game I'm less confident than i was, but still hopeful. If we lose then we're out and it would be time to start discussing his future.
  10. It's not a case of being out for anyones blood. There's 2 games to go and I'm hoping we can turn this around. But as for the disaster of the Germany game yes the manager carries the can. And you can spend all day posting every excuse, but it's pissing in the wind. Why is there a need to pin blame?? Because this isn't an everyone wins and gets a medal sports day so nobody is upset. it's the European Championship finals you absolute clown
  11. This isn't going to work either. So let's say hypothetically it was the players fault. Who is in charge of those players and responsible for them knowing what their doing?
  12. I don't think you have a great grasp of English.
  13. I've confirmed nothing of the fact, I've only confirmed your not worth conversing with further.
  14. There's a reasoned debate, but anyone who disagrees with you is an absolute clown Yeah think ill give your debate a miss.
  15. So we agree, fans can be correct, managers can be wrong. It's fine to discuss football.
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