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  1. Thats down to lack of credible opposition, rather than being a good international striker.
  2. Pretty much it exactly, hes not very good. At international level he's done well at times. Nothing against the guy, he gives everything he has for Scotland. But hes just not got the ability needed for an international striker. He will be in the squad, but thats where we need players coming thru just now.
  3. Either may we'll have, if I were him I would have chosen Copenhagen. I've spent a bit of time there over the years and always enjoyed it. Reckon it would be a great place to live. If he can get in the team then its a great move for him and us.
  4. Im not sure whether he's going to have a career ruined by injury or not. But all I can say is I was blown away by how talented he was when he was at Aberdeen. Hopefully he can overcome the injuries and we could have a hell of a player on our hands.
  5. I would disagree but I see what your saying, I agree hes more of a slow burn than the likes of Tierney. But id say he could have made that move any time over the last 5 years. And I think he would be a better player for it. Also the argument that his midfield competition all play at a higher level wouldn't be a factor.
  6. Tbf I know what you mean, when it works out for Scottish players abroad they generally seem to improve at a rate above when they go to England. The most startling example I can think of is Craig Brewster, who somehow came back from a couple of years in Greece with technical skills, movement and awareness you would never have imagined possible.
  7. Yeah its not easy, we've a great midfield. But thats how I see we improve it.
  8. For me the answer to that is clearly McGregor, I've nothing against McGregor before people go nuts. But you have gilmour there ready to take over that deeper role. McGregor for me is a guy that could have achieved alot more in terms of making the most of himself had he went abroad or down south to test himself at a higher level.
  9. Think this guy deserves his own thread. Ill be honest i didn't think he would do as well as he has done in Italy. He's a player on the up getting touted for juventus and lazio now. Hes exceeded expectations and continues to get better. Is it time for him to be in our starting 11? I'd say probably he deserves that chance. I dont think it will happen now for the euros, but next campaign I would think he will be first choice.
  10. Surprised you never enquired if it would affect your future speed, acceleration or movement
  11. Anybody with medical knowledge give us an idea of what this means for him? I know that's on the knee so doesn't sound particularly good. Could this affect his future speed, acceleration or movement?
  12. Great to see him thriving now, honestly think this is just the start for him. Hopefully he will start stroking a few in the net and building up that confidence.
  13. I agree tbh, I wasn't blaming anyone. Its just an accumulation of circumstances, but we chose to play England and France.
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