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  1. This patter is dire. Maybe if you keep at it tho people will come round to it and give you the praise and attention you seek
  2. Let's face it, it's going to be close to 30 degrees in Germany in June. You're going to be sweating like f**k no matter what you wear.
  3. The bulb was suspiciously big, so I reckon it was from DH Gate
  4. Before that 150th anniversary Scotland vs England game, I was walking down to Hampden with all the crowds, and there was this roaster walking backwards, pointing at people's tops and shouting "real, real, real, FAKE!", apparently because the fake ones can be spotted by the slightly larger badges. He correctly shamed me for saving the thick end of £100. I felt broken, worthless. Quite a satisfying ending to the tale though cos when he turned to face forwards again he walked straight into a lamp post.
  5. I think that it has to be Fraser, for all the reasons stated. He's tried, tested, albeit - unfortunately - tainted, but the former two things, plus his positional versatility, put him ahead of any other candidate. And all that is compounded by our manager's general preference for going with known quantities.
  6. Cheers for that. Not great but better than nothing. If needs must those minutes will stand him in reasonable stead.
  7. Game time looks decent according to this - 21 appearances this season: https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=131142 Not sure how many of those are 2 mins at the end of games tho.
  8. For years on here people used to poo-poo that thinking. "Aw aye, having more caps makes you a better footballer, does it?" Actually yes, it does - in a collective sense as you describe.
  9. I actually buy your underlying point. Why cheapen it with a silly little emoji and a personal dig? The stoic mask is quite slippy, it seems
  10. Nice article exploring Bologna's success this season, and LF's part in it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68792661
  11. Sure, but with respect to the here and now - as in, the next few months running up to the end of the season and the Euros - he is and will continue to be fairly heavily involved with his club side, not "bombed out" as some are claiming on here.
  12. Surely, yes. Still doesn't mean Dykes is done there
  13. Wasn't saying it was something to celebrate, was just pointing out that the "Dykes is finished at QPR" narrative is nonsense.
  14. It's a shame Dykes is out of favour/finished/pish at QPR. Hell just have to console himself with his start up front tonight Vs Plymouth.
  15. It was Callum Davidson, Paul.Gallacher, Darren Young and Mark Burchill. (Donnelly was part of the full squad) Definitely an opportunity to do similar again and one that I hope SC takes.
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