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  1. 9 minutes ago, Diamonds02 said:

    I know it hasn’t really worked out for him this season but I’m still gutted to see him go I can’t lie.

    Hope he gets remembered as the modern legend he is.


    Gutted but not surprised, he'll go with our best wishes.

    So many good memories and goals I won't forget (Falkirk away) glad to see he's got something sorted and will get a good send off whenever our last game is.

  2. 18 minutes ago, oneteaminglasgow said:

    Arbroath fans that one season they were good as well. Not enough to just enjoy being good for the first time in their clubs history, they need to charge around demanding everyone else congratulates them for it. 

    Would you not if the majority of posters predicted on here that you were a cert for finishing in the bottom 2?

  3. 3 minutes ago, Alert Mongoose said:

    Is McCabe's decision on still playing likely to impact on his next move? Can't see him still playing for a Premiership team.

    I think so, him and Fordyce are only turning 32 in the summer I'm not so sure they'll want to stop playing so soon think they'll feel they've got another couple of years left at championship level but money talks at the end of the day. Aberdeen looks an unlikely destination, possibly a move down south? I'm sure they'll be interest in them.

  4. Huge game for us tonight, a win would surely see us safe of 9th place (yes i'm still looking over my shoulder) and really put us back in the mix for 4th. We've enjoyed playing on Tuesday nights last month or so on paper you would think we should win given Arbroaths poor form, don't think it'll be as easy as that, not as confident for whatever reason tonight. All the best to the fans travelling.

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