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  1. .....was good to see great support for CK, even better seeing some quality former players, although I think that Caballero may have swallowed Beto Carranza whole
  2. ............that is perfect, just what I was looking for, donation made, thanks for the help.
  3. Looking for some help, cannot see any contact details on the website for the clubs ticket office. I am out of town and I'm trying to purchase a couple of Child (12-15, Main Stand/Terrace) season 23/24 tickets to pass forward on behalf of a supporter who recently passed away. I can see the online application on the website but it would be easier if I had a phone number to call as I just want the tickets to be given away. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ......anyone know the situation with both Maguire and Williamson?
  5. ..........Barry Smith, played 368 times for DFC and scored 4 goals, don't think he ever scored at Dens!
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