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  1. I see Shortlees still too win a league game and got slaughtered by Glenburn 4-0 last night. Clearly not interested in a league without Hurlford Thistle in it
  2. Listen to Mourinho and Pep here! In a two page thread you have have took a pot shot at four different blokes. The fact you have more to say about others rather than yourselves says far more about you than the blokes you have had a go at.
  3. Haha fair point mate. 3 times?? Jesus take the fucken hint lol
  4. Heard that too but he cut and run from onthank when it got tough so cant see him being brave enough to take this job
  5. They could do worse than big mark. He might not have the knowledge of some other managers but players do want to play for him. I can vouch for that. The main issue is no one wants to play for HT unless they are getting paid. If the wallet is empty like has been suggested then I think they will fold
  6. I fully understand banning football matches at the highest level with possibly 50/60 K in attendance. However the reasoning for this isn't solely about the spread of the virus, as they believe theres only a small chance of this, but more about freeing up paramedics, police etc which is a very sensible decision. Banning football at grassroots, amateur and junior level perplexes me a little when we have customer service workers taking our cash from our hands every day. We have cleaners, janitors etc putting themselves in harms way every day now. Bar staff will still be serving us our pints this weekend as we will be sitting in the boozer instead of out in the fresh air playing or taking in football matches. Kids are still permitted to go to school. The list goes on of people having to do their daily duties putting themselves at far greater risk than what they would be kicking a ball this weekend and for the foreseeable. Make no mistake I am not making light of this unique and frightening situation we face but I dont believe banning football matches at these levels is necessary when you consider all of the above. Just my opinion of course
  7. To be fair mate I think thistle have been brought down to earth for a while now. The fact that they are an after thought on this forum now tells you all you need to know.
  8. Unfortunately he cant because hes obsessed that I am "gary" and apparently involved with your club. Where he has got that from I have no idea. I have never mentioned Stewarton ever
  9. What an absolute load of cobblers and to agree with a previous post on this you are so far up your own arse. You had all the respect in the world of us all hence why we were delighted when you toppled HT. Now? Yous are in the same bracket as them, infact probably worse because they have never blown their own trumpets on this in the manner you do. Quoting shite like envy is the only emotion blah blah blah its amateur football for f**k sake. This game is important to shortlees and Sandy's not to anyone else just remember that. The everyday run of the mill amateur clubs out knocking their pan in on Saturday in the same horrendous conditions we are all likely to face are just as important and playing in just as important games to THEM as you are. The arrogance is astounding. Said enough now as not lowering myself to engage with someone who cant see beyond the end of his nose anymore. Enjoy the most important game in ayrshire on Saturday. The rest of us minions will try enjoy our meaningless fixtures
  10. I beg to differ mate, but our game is more important than NF’s, or any Ayrshire teams this week, as I am sure all would rather have our game and be playing in the quarter final this Sat, and I wish more were Gary? David? Alberto? Julian? Or whoever the else you think I am. I reiterate this is the problem folk have cunny. That statement there. Not many will disagree with your views on the shenanigans to get a park. What you did with new farm did not bother me at all as I stated. Depending on our fixture my club may well have done the same as new farm. It's that arrogant statement there that's the issue, rather than the park scenario
  11. I've been working, and not policing the streets like you are gibbering. I don't have a clue who you claim I am and quite frankly could not care less. I also have never spoke to you on the phone and to my knowledge i think we have spoke perhaps twice face to face. I knew about the Facebook post as a friend took a screenshot and sent it to me but when I looked on the shortlees facebook post you had removed it. I dont troll anyone. I just do what everyone else does on this forum and that's give my opinion. The problem with you is an opinion you dont agree with is viewed as some sort of personal attack. I will repeat I have never spoke ill or negatively about shortlees and like everyone else I cheered you on at the burnpark demolition of HT. The point I believe you seem to be missing or glossing over is people have, and rightly so, took offence to your arrogant suggestion that because you are in the scottish quarters your game is much more important than everyone elses and should take precedent. Every single football match taking place this weekend is as important to their respective teams as your Scottish cup tie is to you and the fact you just basically mocked that with your statement will offend the vast majority, if not all, these teams
  12. Here we go again! As I have already proven to you I have NEVER said a bad word about shortlees in my life. NEVER. I stated many moons ago that I didnt believe shortlees would win the Scottish cup with you at the helm and your ego got hurt and took an awful tantrum and threatened me via Facebook. Low and behold they didn't and shortlees won it in Billy's first year in charge. I only gave my opinion as I saw it at the time and as it transpired I was correct. So stop accusing me of trolling shortlees and except the fact that everyone else is entitled to an opinion and it isn't only your one that is correct
  13. Credit to new farm without doubt. Very nice of them. Depending on our fixture I cant say whether we would be forthcoming but to say that it's a more important game is poor craic. Everyone's match is important to them obviously
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