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  1. It would be a shame to lose a proper football man like Benton from Parliament.
  2. I have never met a British person called Corey who wasn't a complete arsehole, and I absolutely include children in that assessment.
  3. I had to let Pape go. Last in, first out. Which, you know, was really sad. That was upsetting. I'm coping. I rolled with a punch. It turns out that Duk can do a lot of it anyway.
  4. I can’t quite explain it, but Rob Edwards gives me Neil Godwin vibes.
  5. ‘How am I doing, boss?’ meme with 2019/2020 Chris Wilder looking down at 2023/2024 Chris Wilder and replying “Absolute shite, mate”.
  6. I am only watching this game because I am stuck on a train, and now I’m wondering if there is a more ‘I would only watch this game if I was bored on public transport’ fixture in the current Premier League than Sheffield United v Brighton.
  7. I get that I am not going to be the most objective assessor when it comes to Aberdeen, but I find it remarkable that anybody can watch the footage of the Miovski/Marshall incident several times over, from different angles, and not think it is a pretty clear penalty. And yes, Hibs should have had one too.
  8. I think a good Aberdeen team could probably have Devlin as the weakest regular member of the defence, but if you had told me when he signed that we would be in the middle of February thinking that he has arguably been our best defender this season then I would have correctly guessed that we were sitting around 8th or 9th in the league.
  9. I haven't checked, but I would be shocked if this bloke had not followed the 'South of England (probably London) public school > Oxbridge > Labour adviser' path. Some of the worst people in British politics, sadly. Many such cases!
  10. He has actually done better than I expected when he signed, but I also think that how positively he is perceived among our support is probably indicative of how poor we have been collectively this season rather than merely how good he has been individually.
  11. I don't think there's a huge amount between any of our centre-backs, to be honest. I might think that Gartenmann is the best of the four by a very slight margin, but it's not something I would feel strongly enough to argue about. Some of them are better in certain areas than others, but the bigger picture is the four of them pretty much being a group of bang average Scottish Premiership centre-backs, and that definitely includes MacDonald.
  12. I said on here post-Bonnyrigg that this game and Motherwell would tell us a lot about this team; whether they are actually a good team that was chronically underperforming in the league, or whether they are a typical 'there's a good team in there' team. I fear we now have our answer. I don't think good teams concede the types of goals we are shipping with alarmingly regularity, either as a result of individual errors or collective flaws. I don't think good teams are as frantic and untidy as we are when a game is there for the taking, like today at 2-2 and Wednesday at 3-3. It definitely wasn't all bad. Some of the passing and movement was showing improvements from where it has been, there was more evidence of coherent patterns of play, and the quality of chances we created in the first hour of the game seemed to be much better than it has been for most of the season. I know it is frowned upon on here and does not paint a full picture when used in isolation before anybody starts, but 2.38 non-penalty xG does at least suggest that we created a better quality of scoring chance than we typically have been this season, although Hibs are a bit more adventurous than some opponents. I am thinking about Clarkson hitting the bar in the first half and Gartenmann's header late on as particularly good chances spurned, and also Phillips failing to gamble on Mackenzie's excellent cross at the end. But it is not enough. I haven't seen them back, but the goals we lose are really rubbish ones to concede - a poor kick from Roos compounded by presumably at least one player being too slow out and playing Maolida onside for the opener, and then Devlin with a blunder at the equaliser. I can accept the odd mistake from an Aberdeen team at this level, but these have happened far too often this season, pretty much right across the team. Again, genuinely good teams don't do that. If these two teams were up in third and fourth respectively and just played out a draw like that, I would be frustrated that we didn't win the game but would kind of focus on the positives and accept it, but the failings are just too familiar now. As a side note, and leaving VAR to one side, refereeing standards in this league are in the toilet. I haven't seen either penalty shout back so will not comment on those, but Munro missed two very obvious bookings in the first half, and then failed to book a Hibs player in stoppage-time for a pretty much identical challenge that he had booked Shinnie for about twenty minutes earlier. Clancy was dreadful on Wednesday, and Munro was just as bad today. We can talk about improvements to VAR all we like, but just having competent and consistent referees would be a fine start.
  13. A simple idea to hopefully help improve Scottish football: referees to start giving yellow cards for blatant bookable offences.
  14. Naturally a bit depressing to be languishing at this stage of the season, but there is something pleasing about the symmetry at least.
  15. Finally, the Dons pursuing a proper 'the streets won't forget' player.
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