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  1. Here to echo dfc 92 great passing display your lads had excellent first touches and rarely needed a 2nd and the young zaid is a pler always nice to see the 9th wonder of the world in a gowser pirouette too good luck in the coming season
  2. Took your advice…your welcome
  3. Stream went down just afore the goal for the 2nd time
  4. May be thinking of the other Ethan we had on trail
  5. Annan are looking really good today that young right back Gibson strolling this game, kind of guy we should be looking at
  6. Is Ingram a right back? Thought he played on the left
  7. Dundee on fawa news now, just in time for equaliser
  8. Bloody can’t make the game tonight, don’t suppose Dee tv will have it since it in Brechin?
  9. Anyone else find the spls scouting pretty interesting these past years Aberdeen with their -Macedonian, slovenian and Cape Verde to name a few dudnee with our Mexicans Dabs with their Macedonians hearts with the Costa Ricans and Japanese Motherwell with a Macedonian and Serbian St Johnstone has a wee mix st mirren with aussies For not shopping in the same international market as the ugly sisters not and going if say
  10. Found myself with Tuesday off, is Brechin easy to get too from Blairgowrie , is it decent for parking and lastly is it usually Baltic or will I get away with a jumper and light jacket?
  11. Must admit I’m with der panzer on this one, will be a route in our favour united team don’t fill me with any form of fear maybe that new Macedonian guy will be decent but he might be all highlight reel and no actual ability
  12. The Doc must have either not rated Gorrin or was worried about his injury record as he looked decent enough in the bounce games obviously must have left a lot to be desired in training
  13. Lyall Cameron Blair spittal Dylan vente joe shoughnessy
  14. Penalty miss Arbroath 10” innes Murray
  15. So far no dodgy sites.
  16. Unfortunately not going as work commitments, but even if I could £80 for 2 tickets ,pre match bevvy, pie and like at half time, post match bevvy, the whole day just costs too much for my dad and i, kudos to those 1600 that can afford it and again to those die hard that make week in week out home and away , you’ve certainly earned your badges over the years.
  17. Am I right in thinking it goes to pens if we draw with Bonnyrigg?
  18. Let’s pretend I even know what that means…. i got it PM’d through a purely confidential source though thanks
  19. Don’t suppose anyone has the courier Derry viera article, bloody firewall?
  20. Does anyone know how work permits work? Not that it affects our team in any way but how does Livingston not get a WP for the South African Teto by all accounts actually meant to be a decent player yet at Johnstone get one for their new Ghanaian Essel ?
  21. Be good if the doc can give an update on Pineda so we can draw a line under him would have thought there would be a part to play for him with proper pre season
  22. Did the whole booking .com and cheap flights thing, that’s what came back?
  23. Was looking to go to Poland this month for the friendly better part of 2500 I was quoted for 2/3 days
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