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  1. Has the name of the said experienced manager appeared anywhere? Was this before they advertised the job widely or did the said individual show his face as a consequence of the advert?
  2. From where I am sitting the Board would appear to be in the deep doo from which they need to extricate themselves asap. Pointless trying to lie your way out as it would only make the situation worse if (when) they get found out. For a start they might consider commenting on who they believe leaked to a faceless hack at the Record and what they propose to do about it.
  3. You don't spin it. You just be factual and tell the truth. How much of the truth you tell..............................
  4. The great danger now is that this fiasco will be viewed at Hampden as bringing the game into disrepute and before you know it the club will be charged and (possibly) have sanctions imposed. What is essential is transparency and whilst the silence from the Board prevails, the situation will only get worse. What is needed is a formal statement today setting out the Board’s view of the sequence of events and their role in it, along with their proposed way forward. Failure to do so will only lead to further speculation which will almost certainly be unhelpful. This is the least that supporters deserve.
  5. Yeah, take it easy. I don't want your welfare (or lack of it) on my conscience. Have a stiff malt!
  6. The club's estimate of its bank balance at 31 May 2024 is £209k.
  7. I agree. Any idea why the Uni went by the board?
  8. The club will need to get its act together on the production of highlights otherwise it will occur the wrath of the SFA/SPFL who are known to be hot on this issue.
  9. Looks like we are going to have to wait a while for a new manager to materialise as the SAFC Board seems to have been caught with their pants down. This is in complete contrast to Queen of the South who obviously foresaw the departure of Marvin and acted quickly to bring in Peter Murphy - a period of only 5 days between Marvin's departure and the announcement of Peter's arrival. Slick work by Queens to have a new guy in place to pick the best of new players becoming available in the days ahead. Plaudits to Queens also for the comprehensive statement yesterday from Director Jim McLinden on plans for the way forward. Again in complete contrast to the abysmal communications to supporters generally in recent weeks from Forthbank Towers - symptomatic of rigor mortis setting in? I hope not!
  10. It is not clear from that statement if he walked or was pushed. I suspect the former since it would cost SAFC a sizeable sum to dispense with his services, given his recent contract extension. I too wish to thank him and James for their services and wish them well for the future. No obvious replacement(s) spring to mind.
  11. Excellent news. Let's hope they throw the book at him and make an example of him as a deterrent to others. It is disgraceful that our antiquated laws prevent him being named publicly
  12. Fully agree with that. In addition an object was hurled at an Alloa player from the north end of the West Stand. Surely someone will know who threw it? Are all of our stewards blind? What each club should be doing is requiring someone to own up/turn someone else in under fear of banning the whole group. Further, why weren't the police outside to prevent the Stirling youths from hurling missiles into the Alloa fans inside the ground. This is a repeat of what happened at the previous home game against Montrose whose fans were also targets, so it should have been anticipated. It is high time for the clubs to step up before someone suffers serious injury. If they don't, will the SFA get off their backsides and cease to warm their haemorrhoids?
  13. This is the mob which caused damage to seats and the plastic pitch at Alloa - for which SAFC had to pick up the tab. They most certainly should be barred for good - they bring nothing to the club except trouble. Essential that this is done before the next Alloa game otherwise they will have scores to settle. One of the main protagonists is a larger (taller) youth who looks like he has been scoffing pies for some time. He should be fairly easy to identify.
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