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  1. Most places are pretty flexible if our late TBH, football is a completely different environment though.
  2. If go with a similar team/shape to the one that played Montrose away. Stone or Botterill (injury dependent) Logan McLelland or Ambrose Brydon Kilsby Cochrane McKay Connolly Ferguson AN Other if Gibson is out Reilly
  3. Is it not just a cut and paste job from Wikipedia?
  4. Wouldn't particularly describe Mumbungo as experienced.
  5. We were lucky to have got shot of Chisholm, he should have been sacked around the winter of the 2008/2009 season. Did we not go on about a 12 game run without a win?
  6. Will have been when it was open to public sale, I bought some in the last batch of the Norway sale for some mates and they were all in my name despite having bought one in the members sale.
  7. Not really a surprising post from a man who was convicted of being a knob yesterday. Obviously enjoyed Annan's free week a bit too much today.
  8. Cheers, have you seen anything of when the first draw would be?
  9. Anyone heard a date for the prelim draw/draws?
  10. McMahon to Annan was one that I have heard, but we were wanting a wild development fee.
  11. Is 18 in 70 games a good record for Alloa? Not sure the accuracy but if true it's pretty dire.
  12. Jason Kerr an even better example of a young centre half, what a player.
  13. McIntyre 100% improved us after Johnstone went to Killie, I don't really think that's up for debate.
  14. Is he actually a Queens fan though? Seen a few saying it but I've never really thought of him like that.
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