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  1. I just don't see it myself. I think him and Murdoch are similar with their injury records but would choose Murdoch over Docherty tbh. Most would probably disagree lol
  2. Just want to know what others think he actually does. He's not a ball winner, passer etc IMO
  3. I just don't see what he contributes with. He's not a ball winner, not a great passer, doesn't shoot. With our current midfield, I see Syla as the guy who gets stuck in and Dempsey as the passer
  4. Can someone please explain Ross Docherty? Didn't rate him when he was with us and can't see how he's captain of Dundee United. What does he actually do? Other than his goal I don't remember him doing anything else. He doesn't exactly boss their midfield IMO
  5. Random question with all the manager stuff going on etc but have the club said where the main camera would be placed for TV games next season? Surely they would want to show off the new stand so would have the camera in the main stand
  6. If all our midfielders are fit, who do you guys reckon are our strongest centre mids?
  7. Next leagues fixtures are Arbroath home and away. Do yous reckon he'll go if we don't get 6 points?
  8. Was the weather not mental that day? Seem to remember the wind played it's part that day
  9. Did we not draw with 4-4 with someone a few years back over the Xmas/Hogmanay? Seem to remember Stevenson scoring against us
  10. Late to the post-match stuff so probably been mentioned but what happened to McAllister today?
  11. Has anyone else found the fixture list, particularly the home fixtures weird this season? I travel down from Glasgow for home games but feel like each time I go down I feel I haven't been at Somerset for 3 or 4 weeks. Seem like bigger gaps between home games this season than others or am I just going mental?
  12. With the New Year approaching, was wondering what everyone thought about what might happen in January, particularly who might be going out. Will anyone be sold, loaned out or even guys like Chalmers possibly be recalled by their parent clubs?
  13. I take it Ahui was injured yesterday? I just don't want McAllister back in the side long term
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