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  1. It’s a childish dig, I know, but Lordy will get it. Just you stick to calling actual people “window lickers”, Tynie. While administering wrist-smacks for the Daily Record being called the Daily Retard. Lol.
  2. Heyyy, Lordy. I didn’t realise you had any interest in football. I thought you were just employed by party HQ to pump out that morning’s angry line on Brexit. You and your doppelganger, Baxter Parp. Do you actually get along to any Dundee matches? (when they don’t clash with your hobnobbing at those high-powered meetings with the movers and shakers of the local Community Council, of course)
  3. It's promotion and, more specifically, the accompanying relegation that financially impacts Hearts,Partick etc. Whether or not Celtic, Dundee Utd etc are "declared champions" is neither here nor there. (except at Ibrox obvs).
  4. The money that Doncaster is having to refund to SKY/BT/BBC would have covered the costs of finishing the season behind closed doors. Would just have resulted in a month or two delay to starting next season. But do you think RR gave that a moment's thought before voting to f**k a handful of other teams?
  5. Neither had Raith Rovers. I would treat your posts as wind-ups if there was even a hint of humour in them. But really, your logic is just all over the shop.
  6. Okay. Kelty and Brora. Stranraer, Falkirk, Partick and Hearts.
  7. So was St Johnstone's attitude to the vote - we know it's not right, but hey, let's end it and get stuck into that Furlough dosh and to fck with Kelty and Brora. As long as Saints are okay?
  8. There's already a long established rule for dealing with teams unable to fulfil any fixtures. Is it 0-3? If teams had preferred to hang on to Furlough dosh and concede the points instead, they could have been doing that from next week. Think most premier teams would have bitten bullet and played. A choice was made. There was not only one option.
  9. I did say /can't be arsed. But do you think Falkirk can afford to unfairly be shafted for the sake of Raith Rovers? You think Stranraer can afford a relegation? Everybody will be struggling (except clever-clogs Dundee with their squillionaire owner and the insurance policy he seems to be relying upon). But some clubs have been happy to shaft other struggling clubs. btw,you're a bit tetchy these days, Aim. You're not a Hibs employee are you?
  10. Sceptical that it would cost that up here. But anyway, if your argument is that some teams can't, or can't be arsed, paying the costs to see out their league fixture obligations, then shouldn't those teams be compensating the teams who are prejudiced by those fixtures not being played out?
  11. With teams missing half their squads? SFA could easily have done what UEFA are doing and allowed registrations to run on for a while. Don't think all these players with contract ends are all running off to be signed by other teams just now, are they? But I can appreciate how it's easier to just say fck it - just let the teams who were bottom in March carry the can.
  12. A members vote with all the options and consequences laid out in an objective board paper? With reasonable notice? Without dubious financial inducements? With a proper voting process? If the court is satisfied with all of that, then that's certainly one pillar of the Hearts/Partick case out the window. If not...
  13. I don't think Leslie Deans is just "short". Unless you are in the habit of having a laugh at disabilities, you should probably delete your post.
  14. That I think that making no attempt to even play a handful delayed play-offs was also wrong. But Brechin, Alloa and Hamilton Accies were on the board that steered the decision. Funny that.
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