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  1. Is there any current ICT players worth taking, or, are they Championship quality? What about that Carson, is he worth a punt? Perhaps another charitable donation for Carson to help keep ICT afloat.
  2. Dundee fans hate themselves. And they don't like their neighbours. Everyone deserves a chance, and hopefully Jim will do well for you. JM delivered the Scottish League Cup , not to be scoffed at. So in your league it's ex Ross County Manager against his former assistant. Time will tell.
  3. Absolutely wish him all the best. He was a joy to watch, and joint top scorer in the top league, fantastic achievement.
  4. Only one thing worse than a thick poster. Is one who is thick and thinks they are intelligent.
  5. It and some Caley fans just can't help themselves, obsessed with County. Don't go on their forum, they get upset.
  6. Already called me a Mink! Ha-ha-ha. So, in the the small world it's ok to call someone a Mink? I think that's a no-no nowadays.
  7. Doesn't know. According to him/her, the season starts now. Whatever that means. Dink! Dink!
  8. Yep. Rather rich coming from someone like you! So, you can dish it out and call people Minks. Smells like Inverness 70's Xenophobia talk.
  9. Check back! I never mentioned the result! Not interested. But your resident >>>>>>> >>>->>> did throw a spanner in by wishing Saints all the best against County, Dundee Utd etc. Oh, give us another one. Our season starts here, how many starts can you have to Season? Anyway, get yourself off to bed, you have school in the morning.
  10. Tut tut. Bit of VIM there. Your only hope is County will buy a couple of players to help you lot survive. Now then, which player or players will it be? Just keep your manager.
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