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  1. Not too sure what to make of this - believe we've only got one player in Greg Stewart in our recent storied past that has come along to Dens after showing promise at a smaller club and has actually delivered. Despite being hallowed turf for former ICT players and more of their ilk; I hope he comes onto a game here. Not seen much of him myself aside from his part in the various demolitions of United but just have to hope the horrible run Ayr had at the end of the year does not affect his own confidence. Pretty much the level of signing we have to expect at the moment in a period of reconstruction. Anyone expecting immediate promotion from a novice manager rebuilding an abject squad are unfortunately setting their sights a little too high in my opinion.
  2. Unfortunately a load of shite if you haven’t perused the leaks of their transfer targets yet. I would bet that it would be a club more in the ilk of St Johnstone/Livingston.
  3. Hahaha ah shite meant the St Mirren game on the last day. Thought I’d compiled a decent wee post as well.
  4. Not meaning to be too much of a dour face with our prospects but wholeheartedly have to agree with this. Strachan has unfortunately had little to do with club football since his abject showing at Middlesbrough trusting the ilk of Kris Boyd to do the job down south. Has only really operated within Celtic as a Scottish club so I don’t really know if he’s got that knowledge of the Scottish game to make as much of an impact as is being touted on here. I’ll still support McPake though; could be our own coming of Alex Neil but we have just got to wait and see! The way we performed in the St Mirren game was of such a more disciplined and hard working nature than we had seen for most of the season so if that could be repeated then that could be great. Other than that who the f**k knows how this could go.
  5. Okay, so although the rich experience that Strachan could bring at the helm in a part-time DOF role would for sure benefit the club; are other folk not worried about his use of the excuse of the “genetic makeup” for the failings of his Scottish squad ? Just seems he could be a little more out of touch with the Scottish game itself and could veer us in a direction that could go awry and we would have to endure laughable excuses like that. But again on paper, with his contacts and experience within the elite levels of club football could almost surely help McPake.
  6. Anyone know if the lads have got any more plans to head into the avenue of more live shows ? Something at the Edinburgh fringe in the style of a preview of the upcoming season would be so good to head along to! Getting HYYTS on at the end performing T.H.I.S.T.L.E. to a rapturous applause would be something to behold after a few pints! Edit: Maybe a couple of Christian Bentekes too.
  7. The overall drop in the quality of the writing and its capacities for story telling seems to be down to the fact that D&D are clearly not nearly as talented GRRM at this. Was absolutely not surprised to see one half of the duo was to blame for that absolutely abhorrent Wolverine Origins film and they had been collaborating with Rian Johnson on The Lat Jedi - can perhaps explain the attempt to subvert expectations by purely veering down a shoddily arranged path and repackaging this as being as "unpredictable" much like the events of the Red Wedding. I by no means have any issues with Arya being chosen for this role but most certainly take issue with how it and much of the events of the entire series since Mountain versus The Viper have flown against the conventions of the world with GRRM sought to behold. Wish I was far more fluent in the books themselves to explain this properly but I'm sure a lot of folk on the internet will be far more properly equipped than me to explain this.
  8. Ah lovely cheers for that - was not too well read on the true economic capabilities of the site itself and how it would help both parties with its development. Lots of folk seemed to be weighed down by the fact they have not bought back Dens as was said in initial dealings with FPS but clearly in future generations the club can only benefit from this rather than stagnate and waste even more cash attempting to fix the dilapidated state it was in. On a more minor note quite looking forward to the Macron kits - always like what they've offered up for Hibs and find the Puma kits slightly too tight fitting alongside their cookie cutter aesthetic. Brings me back to the abomination of that red kit they wore for the Man City friendly and seeing our good ol pal Gary Harkins in one.
  9. Is it not the intent of the owners to still ultimately own the stadium and the surrounding properties into the future even if they leave as the main financial benefactors of the club? So we will still need to pay them rent and what not afterwards ? Although I still believe the stadium can be positive for the club itself it still feels like something of an impending financial doom no matter the circumstances. Been pondering over this for weeks but if Cammy Kerr is to leave the club I'm hoping he is snapped up by someone in the ilk of St Johnstone or Livingstone where he will be able to flourish without mounting the pressure of being the only homegrown talent within a team that is currently in disarray. If his negative traits are straightened out I'm positive he could be a dependable defender in the Premiership for many years to come. Although I felt like the statement in all was heartening - the lack of attempting to even see their failings in placing all footballing decisions in the hands of transient and ever changing managers is a wee bit disappointing. Surely now they should realise they should implement a DOF to ensure there is some continuity in place rather than contracts being handed out to pals (Lewis Spence, Martin Woods and Andrew Davies) and a disarming short sightedness in player recruitment.
  10. Pretty harrowing to think this has all come to the fore in a period in which the club have had the greatest opportunity for stability in a decade or so. Easiest option would be to cut off McIntyre now and let the managerial search begin but I believe McIntyre was also scouting Championship games last week so not too sure that it is on the agenda of our American pals. I suppose these are the first ambling steps towards administration as FPS will cut the club adrift when the stadium project goes awry - if it has not gone that way already.
  11. That’s absolutely mental. Solid and no nonsense defender that should certainly be on his wavelength... whatever that is. Not too sure how he’s done at Morton apart from that own goal not too long ago but he always performed for us. Although Cammy Kerr has been given far more than the benefit of the doubt in the dark blue he should almost definitely be playing in the Championship for us as well but I’m suspecting he will be gone as well. Absolutely fucking depressing reading anything at the moment at all in relation to this team.
  12. Jesus Christ this is depressing lads. Save your ire for the team rather than wasting it on such a pointless argument.
  13. Was not at the game so cannot make any egregious comments at the mo - watching the game back on Alba as a Saturday night treat... just before I drown my sorrows. Can anyone at the game tell me if the tactical lineup shown on Alba was the one employed in the game with Nelson in a midfield 3 ? Should be a sacking offence immediately if that's the case of McIntyre sticking our most potent threat in that quagmire of a midfield.
  14. In all seriousness I guess you can only laugh at this ineptitude before you’ll cry. Would seriously consider binning him if the cost isn’t too much. Just give it to someone like James McPake for the rest of the season before sorting shite out in the summer. Surely it cannot be worse than this ?
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