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  1. It's a refreshing change, knowing that we have people that want to continue playing for us
  2. The photos aren’t even from yesterday’s game! A lot of lazy people at the Daily Weedgie!
  3. Big thanks to those who gave advice regarding the shirt. 2XL, a size up for me, was indeed ideal, although not a loose fit. What was not ideal? Twenty quid for international shipping, plus another 18 quid to let the shirt into the EU. Bought a Newcastle top, a Scotland T-shirt for the missus, a Scotland hoodie and paid nowhere near the exorbitant postal fees as I did with Greaves (and no customs fees) Still, I have something new and blue for celebrating our promotion
  4. I’m sorry but I have problems with my calendar. Is it Christmas? Just today we’re getting quite a lot of gifts
  5. Also very appreciative of the volunteers running this service. I enjoy the highlights, the commentary is excellent and far exceeds what was provided before (even though we do love Lewis). However, moments like yesterday, I want to watch on the biggest, broadest, most obnoxious TV possible and that's when you really see the poor quality of the image. So I am resigned often to watching behind my laptop and that way it's less noticeable. It's a minor inconvenience and soon, we'll be "oifis bogsa" on BBC Alba and the quality that brings - Sgoinneil!
  6. Nothing wrong with it, sending 5 subs on at once I do it all the time when playing FC24
  7. While we are revelling in the moment, I have a question. It's time I got a new Falkirk shirt, so can someone confirm if the XL is more a loose fit or if it helps to buy 1 size up?
  8. Now I need my heart pills! Thank you Montrose!
  9. Oh please, stop it, it’s too much! Well, alright then
  10. We apologize for the interruption Normal service has been resumed and we return to our regular programming Just wonderful
  11. And looks like no expunged points: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/68058986
  12. I think he's already involved in a coaching / development capacity at St Mirren
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