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  1. The squad was never built on a championship budget, that's why we signed 90% youth because they come cheap and if they come good you can sell them on. It's clear the idea was throw one experienced player in every position and surround them with young hopefuls to learn and hopefully develop. I don't believe anyone thought for one second this was a seriously good team well capable of a challenge. Maybe a hope of a top 4 but it was always a work in progress from the start. A team full of young players just doesn't work. Look at Chelsea. They're fans are fed up with the inconsistenty and calling for the managers head. It's just a recipe for disaster in terms of the quest for instant success.
  2. Someone said on social media they reported at the AGM there had been interested parties local and down south. When this was no idea but Hewitson always said he would stand down if anyone wanted to take over. Would have thought he would have mentioned if they were in talks just for reassurance if anything. If no one was lined up and they did just walk then wonder if Davie Rae would take temporary charge being a majority shareholder?
  3. Can't wish for any worse than what we are currently getting. Remind them where we were and where we are now.
  4. Have we got confirmation yet ? The Champagne's getting warm here
  5. The times iv been it's been pretty tame. Start off with how difficult trading has been and need to cut back financially or we'll go under kinda thing, this usually keeps any difficult questions towards the board at bay then move on to questions and answers towards the manger which are usually watered down by compared to internet ramblings. They'll be no flying chairs or finger pointing.
  6. If it's not as bad as the Harkness years then it's certainly a very close second. We used to be a settled championship team till Hewitson took over. Praying he announces tonight he's stepping down.
  7. I hope at the AGM that the pressure on Bartley isn't taking away the focus on what a absolute shit show Hewitson and co have made of our club. Get this board out!! A change of manger is merely a sticking plaster. A Queen's managerial job is a job set up for failure. Evidence: 4 managers in, continued decline.
  8. There's a difference between say a player not covering properly, back to goal deflections etc etc criticism then fair enough but a complete miscommunication and a player sticking a leg out in the box, that is just obvious individual errors and Bartley can't be held accountable for this.
  9. Who else can you blame for that yesterday other than the players? And it's there on screen, just playground stuff. As for Sandra the way it's going Queens will just pull these interviews altogether.
  10. Would the board even care if we dropped to league 2? They certainly didn't give a shit us being relegated to this diversion and now with part time football around the corner would save even more cash till eventually the whole lot gets condemned and we can build houses on it...
  11. That's exactly the problem because who else takes charge ? Only person I can think of is Todd then if he does ok,,..the rest we can predict
  12. Sack him now and we'll end up with another new caretaker manager bounce and repeat the same managerial appointment disasters of the last two seasons.
  13. Buck stops with Bartley but the regime is the reason why we are witnessing this pish and I can't see it getting any better till Billy the wonder chairman does the right thing and disappears
  14. Nothing as it's the AGM next week and if he sacks him they'll be no one to do the talky bits.
  15. How can he keep it in house though when part of the punishment was to be dropped from the starting 11? If Bartley refused to comment about it folk would be moaning about a potential rift or wanting to know why. At the end of the day it's the player(s) fault. Bartley rightly comes in for criticism for the situation we are in but the players seem to be getting away with it a bit too easily.
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