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  1. Defence and attack probably stronger, midfield is cringeworthy though.
  2. Do we really need two Inches? Riverside stadium makes sense to me.
  3. I'm sure the Council have been on at us for years about how our badge is an infringement of the Perth coat of arms copyright.
  4. The new museum as a whole is bringing people from across the country to Perth, not just the odd tour bus. No question.
  5. In fairness to him, I think he was using it in the context of footfall in the town. I.e. why don't we have a St Johnstone shop in the town when the Stone of Destiny is bringing so many people to Perth?
  6. Him and Pete O'Rourke have got to have been promised a cut of the agent's fee if it gets done. They've basically written a bid into existence.
  7. FWIW, his farewell on X to Notts County fans seems pretty cut and dried that he wouldn’t be back there. Maybe some gentlemen’s agreement that he’ll sign a PCA in January?
  8. Genuine question: what is holding up getting players in the door? Is it as simple as they want the takeover to be done first?
  9. What a shambles, eh? Had a laugh when he said St Johnstone didn't suit his investment plan. Aye, that and 19,999,999 other reasons.
  10. Maybe makes sense given all of our midfielders naturally play a bit higher. Only remember him playing centre half for United.
  11. Suggestions we might be taking Lewis Neilson on loan from Hearts. Can't help but feel we desperately need experience in the backline before we bring in younger talent, regardless of how highly they're rated.
  12. Because it’s the SFA and that would’ve been far too efficient and sensible.
  13. Meh. Wouldn't have said no, but hopefully means we have something else lined up.
  14. Last update came on the 5th June. Assuming the SFA panel meet on or around that date, so should hopefully see something next week.
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