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  1. Hope we're discussing 3 points this Saturday and remainder of our season kicking on in order to makesure we don't fall short of the playoffs. I think everyone us going to come out the traps flying at us . Going to be a bumpy ride
  2. My worry is ...how are we going to attract anyone decent should we fail to reach the play offs. Some of this current crop are of better caliber than what's out there . Fair to say some are here because they were assured title contenders and promotion . Were going to struggle big time . Could remain in league 2 for a while
  3. I am highly offended and therefore wanting a statement from P&B rapid. Lmao haha cock . Anyways time to move on as its wasted more time than its actually worth .
  4. There were shouts for Farrel to quit , walk, usual disgruntled comments followed by a shout for a change and bring on a particular player , which was then followed by " is said player shagging your wife , what has he done wrong " or words to that effect . That was the comment in its entirety . Iv been given more abuse at the breakfast table . Personally I think it's gone way over the top and has now created a smoke screen for how poor Saturdays result was . What happened to sticks n stones , sure if it were the big two and everytime there was something aimed at the managers ..they're would be empty stadiums . But because we're in such a small number it's easy to pin point folk and put blame. Again we are living in the time of snowflake generation. On the park , we're maybe about to see a team fight for their lives and watch the great escape........ failing that it could be far worse and keep sinking. There are players in there , we need to go back to the style of play we witnessed at the beginning of the season .
  5. I heard the comment in its entirety and it did cross a boundary. I don't think it will be the end of the matter either as I'm sure farrel and Co know exactly where it had come from . Not the first time either so I'm pretty confident there will be more action taken. Don't think it was ment with any real Conviction but I think it was regretted immediately giving the drama which un folded soon after.
  6. Firstly I'd like to address the youth development situation and future prospects. ... up the road at cbank they have a youth programme for 5 Yr old, all the way to first team in the way of an academy. Not bad for a junior team . Not only do they have Holme park shared with yoker along with WDC , there are plans to develop the playing pitches further at mountblow and making it a cbank academy facility . Why these Avenues are not being explored and if they are ,why don't we know about this.....? Holm Park is 4g and fully booked 24/7 bringing in revenue constantly and constantly. We're all on board apart from a minority ...we need a 4g pitch where we can train , rent out to community teams and host grassroots fixtures enticing younger generations to be inspired playing in Dumbarton Fc . It pains me to say it but I have a fixture this weekend against our rivals at ochilview stadium at grass roots level and they , along with our team have an academy set up. Theirs being superior and pro youth . But the attraction for the younger playing in the stadium ,whilst the revenue is being fed back up the ladder Secondly if your still reading .... and thank you lol . I mentioned at the beginning of farrells tenure ....he was full of this and that however failed to deliver on all aspects . If we don't go up this year then he has to walk . How he's made it this far , were all amused . Again he's a union man , should be a politician as they a talk shite! Blair malcolm / lennon / pignatello over Lynas ... do not understand at all . Baffles me . Findlay on the bench .....? Bizarre Sooner we get rid of that dead beat farrel the better ..... yes he's tied himself up in a contract ....also said that would happen as he's a fraud ..... but a good one at it . Thats my 2 bits worth . Not here to offend or fall out with anyone but we're nosing diving quicker than the HMS ........
  7. Today's game....... Gonna be the first to throw myself amongst the wolves .....need a goal scorer ASAP. Had we taken our chances in the first half we would have run away with tht game . However life's not so simple. Not going to finish this on a negative post so here goes my bit.... buchanan was very disrespectful towards his ,not just previous club ,but club he captained at . Absolute shitehousary from him. Captain silent . Couldn't rally a hard on in a brothel when he was with us . Today he was shouting fir everything, cards fouls and encouragement for his mediocre team then his reaction when they scored. Just shows for some it's nothing but a pay packet ... Finally ...... Our boys kept it going until the end and showed team spirit until the final whistle. Nothings won in December and we've will a long way to go. Time to get on those long journeys around the country and rally behind the team being the 12th man ....
  8. Personally my opinion for what it's worth .... We could have lost today by a fair few goals . BOD were un lucky not to sink us by a few However our ability to dig in and see it all the way through. Not like us TBH . We're ofter on the receiving end . We stuck with it . Not convinced lynas for orsi was the correct change as I think carlo should have been the player retiring. All credit though orsi seemed to galvanise the right hand side and he carried carlo . Both linked up well . The end result wasn't due to a tactical mastermind of farrel but one of team spirit and that's a massive boost for us all. Previously iv been critical however experience has served well and regardless of opinions towards the management ......we need to keep going for our players as it effects them also. Kicking a man whilst he's down isn't going to turn things round I our favour. Let's get behind them . It's not even Christmas....
  9. Disappointed today with another gsme we should be taking maximum points. Matty shiels is a good addition and happy with that piece of business . Didn't agree with aron lynas and Finlay being on the bench . Both players are key to the success of the team and featured last season with awards. Carlo didn't offer much today and don't see him as a starter ahead of lynas IMO . Maybe there were reasons for the changes and were yet to find out . Just think we should be sitting with 6 points by now,esp when going into the next couple fixtures where I'd expect to drop points. Early days of course
  10. I think we held our own against Dundee Inverness and Airdrie The boys gave a good account of themselves and played positively IMO. A decent addition to the pre season these league Cup games. Were pressing teams and getting wide on the transition moving forward . Happy so far and looking forward to the first league game
  11. Couldn't see it from the rammy in the box but a few folks said he hooked a player ..... time will tell
  12. As far as im aware the council own holm park and rent it out to both Yoker and Clydebank. All use of the pitch and facilities are subject to a fee . To whom this goes to I'm not sure . Clydebank are infact in the process of trying to take over the community pitches at Mountblow for use of the Academy exclusively first and foremost and then subsequently revamp the whole facility. Another way to bring in more money for them. Something surely not right if we can't buy into this sort of plan ,saying that. Our problem lies with the owners and the council have their part to play in this.
  13. I'd like to apologise to those previously offended. We're now moving on and progressing into 2023/24 So let's stick together and move forward . Aaron lynas has been a warrior and should be awarded the responsibility to lead our team as captain for the new season. Followed by our captain clean sheets "brent long " .
  14. Possibly if that was the case ,unfortunately haven't had that pleasure for a couple years now . Gladly . I do recall ur all mouth and like to run it on here like a little pupet master
  15. Agreed we need to allow those returning from injuring and fringe players. Plenty game time whilst keeping the eye on the prize . Surely we must stop conceding late on and close games out . We all want to see progression
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