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  1. Absolute shocking display,6 at the back, 3 in midfield that just refuse to get up the park,Shinnie, Sangare,Kelly,Nouble,Holt are hopeless Martindale needs his b____ kicked for that system
  2. The set up and structure of the team in the first half last night was the best all season,but they continue to waste chances. In to the second half,back to the same old mentality sitting too deep Bradley,McKay,Brandon,yengi,seemed to disappear.Yeni ran out of steam, Pittman was trying to get forward but lacked the pace, basically the offensive players in the 2nd half collapsed,and by the end of the game were pinned back hanging on for a draw..You had the back 4, then Carson and Holt playing deep,that only leaves. 4 Players to do the attacking,Shinne,Pittman,Sangare,yengi, Shinnie playing deep,Yengi by this time burnt out,Sangare was he ever up the field, Pittman's tried but lacked pace running with the ball. You simply can't have Holt and Carson that deep, basically playing as defenders,these guys need to be playing further up the park ,they invited Killie to come at them. The lack of pace in the midfield is obvious .No wingers are the biggest problem....
  3. Where are the wages coming from for the championship, no Rangers,Celtic,Hearts,Aberdeen,Hibs,a disgruntled home support that will probably end up about 400/500 regular s
  4. If you have 2 stable quick central defender's that don't go walk about, dump wing backs ,,get a good defensive right and left back 4 at the back doing defensive duties, 1 defensive mid, , 2 mids that can play central,and attack, 1 winger, 2 mobile strikers =======4--1--2---3 that's what's needed
  5. Is Dave still at the helm of the sinking ship ???,if so WHY One thing I noticed today,there are to many player's that don't stick to their position,they go walk about,unless it's a set piece or a corner defenders shouldn't be anywhere near the opposition box Livi had six defensive players at the start and still there were gap's all over the place, it got to the stage where players were playing anywhere tripling up in the one area in the second half. Steven Kelly,dithers about with a great chance to shoot, hopeless POOR. Mc govern,,,Nottingham,,, Penrice,,,Obileye,,,McKay,,,Kelly,,,Anderson,,,Yengi,,,Sangari Average. Shinnie,,,Holt, Average +. Nouble,,,Barclay,Donnellen,Brandon
  6. Good effort from Livi,much more desire,need to try any get Brandon more involved down the right wing
  7. Tactics mean nothing if you don't have decent players to begin with. Most of the Livi players are not good enough, it's that simple, that's why they are getting relegated, some people on here just don't see the problems I'll give you an example SHINNE- slow he can't run 5 yards , easily knocked of the ball, disappears then is finally subbed. PITTMAN- you can't fault him for his work rate ,but has terrible ball control ,he can't run any distance with a ball without panicking and losing it, then hacks trying to get it back, his passing is erratic You'll wait and wait and wait, but it is a fact Nouble is burnt out, and it doesn't matter where he's told too play, he'll do very little. HOLT is ok in patches, but only appears in the opposition half when the game is lost GUTHRIE, his work rate is fine, his ball control is bad, very rarely has a shot on target ,brings nothing to the attack . SEAN KELLY -never the standard to begin with DEVLIN -is not as good as you'se all think Nottingham - does very little Obileye - has concentration issues, that can cost you points Penrice's a good player going forward ,his final ball needs worked on. Montano - too me is always played in the wrong position ,not effective sitting back at left back,very injury prone off late Sangare - very lazy, strolls about doing nothing, invisible ... Parks- probably the biggest waste of money, and no pace for a defender ,wages for nothing Freedom Farter what midfielders are going too get the ball moving quick attacking at pace and getting shots away ,you seem well clued on tactics, Martindale recruitment has seen money squandered on rejects. I wouldn't give him anymore
  8. What about a swap deal Shinnie and Nouble for Logan Chalmers
  9. Motherwell have much better players than Livi, livi won't score so they can't win Livi are beat before they kick off. Martindale will set up as usual ,same drab tactics, same old useless faces ,Shinnie,Pittman,Nouble,Guthrie,and I think he's been keeping Sean Kelly fit and fresh for this one,it wouldn't surprise me if he flung Parks on as a striker. Penrice could cause problems with his bombing forward, his crossing can be a bit erratic of late Anderson can cause problems,but won't get any support from the 4 musketeers, Pittman,Shinne,Noble,Guthrie, Sorry Got that wrong Anderson won't be playing
  10. Bad bad game. For professional football players not able too control or pass a ball is scandalous some Livi players done plenty of running about, others being their usual self invisible. Week in week out it's the same complaints, about the same players and tactics,. The whole defence were brutal,even Penrice accuracy with crosses was poor Holt done OK tonight,good workrate,I would try him as an attacking midfielder, but he has played as a defensive mid ,and probably has a natural instinct to shuffle back deep. Pittman plenty energy,hacks his way through games,completely no ball control, never good enough for this League Shinnie, Honestly would struggle in League 1 ,that's where I rate him, verry lazy empty jersey Nouble is finished, his engine has burnt out,hasn't the energy too go by defenders, put in 1 cross from a run then dithered about in midfield, all this since that injury.... Why bring on Montana and play him at left back,The guy has got pace,good ball control and is good for a shot at goal,bewildering tactics Anderson gives his all but lacks help Guthrie is not a striker ,he spends more time in the centre circle,not effective at any thing Livi need to go back to a 4-3-3 with an out and out winger,which they don't have,but you would still need 2 quality attacking mids,which they don't have Pittman,Shinnie,Guthrie and Nouble isn't that answer I 've seen all this downward spiral since last year,they have been too loyal to certain players,and brought in players that are not good enough Looks like there is no way back
  11. When is Martindale getting sacked ??? Last 10 games 4 points out of a possible 30 that's totally sackable. Is One man more important than Livi's attempt of survival under the helm of a new Manager, that doesn't keep playing the same unworkable tactics, and the same old duds Are the owner's just going to let them run down the season until it's impossibly too late to survive Martindale will probably be struggling to keep Livi out of the bottom 2 of the championship next season.
  12. First of all ,there's no doubt most of the Livi players put in a good shift,but still not good enough for even a point. Pittman had plenty energy running about,snapping at the heel's of players,but no decent passing or driving forward what he's there for Shinnie at least tried,but his lack of mobility and energy is not good enough Holt looked better the second half playing more forward than sitting too deep,his final ball was poor Stephen Kelly done nothing when he came on, never goes looking for a ball Nouble was invisible first half,second half was more involved,but produced nothing he looks burnt out, even from the start. Guthrie done a power of running ,play's too deep to have much influence,with no backup from the midfield doesn't help Penrice was Livi's best player Bruce Anderson missed an easy chance and cost the team a draw, along with the penalty miss last week that's 3 points I've never liked the idea of a wing back's, get back to the old style winger who stays in the opposition s half, a good winger if he gets a decent service from midfield will create more chances for the strikers,and stops the strikers coming too deep like what's happening with Guthrie
  13. I'm nothing to do with Livi or cabin boy.. I only scrutinize the performances of the players and Manager,I have a right to vent my concerns of the on going lack of chances created within the team,whether it's Martingales tactic's or just the player's are not good enough,as I've said on numerous occasions the midfield and lack of a winger and non existing forward line will end in relegation The likes of Guthrie ,Sean Kelly,Pittman,Shinnie,Holt,Noble all need dropped, why keep playing these guys week in ,week out with the same outcome nothings going to get better, other squad players need to get game time, Shinnie is on £78,000 a year, Michael Nottingham £98,000,,,Bruce Anderson £78,000 Guthrie £33,800, Parks £34,320, Nouble £57,200,, Llyod £72,800 ,,Sean Kelly£ 42,640,,,Stephen Kelly£31,200
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