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  1. Just a long shot as you said you had already ordered yours..... isn't it the case you need to buy an adult ticket with the under 12 so if trying to do the under 12 on its own is why it won't work?
  2. Maybe not a bad thing, make him realise there are REAL clubs out there that could only enhance the premiership! He, for years has advocated the closed door shop that exists up there to protect kid on outfits like Livingston and Ross County and to a lesser extent, StJohnstone, all of them barely able to muster any fans.
  3. Nah, we should do what we have done all season and batter them for 90 mins, like Montrose, the best means of defence is attack!! 7100 Bairns in attendance with probably around 4500 already won over for next season, put on a show to make the rest of them want more if it!!
  4. Absolutely get that sentiment but it wasn't goals scored that won Dunfermline the league last year, it was their defence! We knew pre season we had to improve in that area and we have. Just saying! I know that will just mess up heads further when trying to pick( including mine)
  5. Never watched the game but noticed Mcmanus only on the bench. Sure he returned from injury at the end of last year so surely must be fit? If he's out the picture down there would defo be a great signing for next season./
  6. Yip that's the link I was going to use, don't understand how anybody has paid £5 for an under 12, not complaining if I get the wee man in for free but is there another section that's maybe sold out or is it open terrace all round?
  7. Just checking as sure somebody posted under 12 tix at Montrose next week were £5, when I go into the website it says under 12 are free if accompanied by an adult , the header page on their ticket website says they are £5 but that option isn't there when you go through to order. Anybody have the correct link?
  8. Any word where he's going and how much we would get... any less than £150k we shouldn't let him go.
  9. Anybody heard anything about ticket sales for Sat night? Club usually put out updated figures for big games to try and encourage sales..,not seen anything yet unless I've missed it?
  10. Nobody is denying the terrible recruitment but I still believe the closing of the academy was more than a coincidence. No idea of the stats around academy players making the grade but I'm sure over the last 4 or 5 years we would have established enough that would have prevented us going out and signing some of the duds we consequently did and im sure we would have been all the better for it on the park. I do recall a mate of mine who was friendly with somebody within the set up saying we had one of the best crop of young players he had seen.... who all got released. It's all hindsight now of course and been covered on here loads of times so no point in getting it all going again.
  11. The problem is, an academy will be crucial to any aspirations we have to get back in the PL, so a financial balancing act will obviously be required but I disagree with any delays to relaunching it. We all want success ASAP but may be a bit of short term pain for long term gain required. See how quickly we fell from grace from the day it was scrapped, I know there was lots of other factors involved but surely one of the biggest issues was never having any young lads we could progress to build the team instead of simply rebuilding squads every year with a steady flow of shite. That could easily happen again without an academy! We're in a good place at the moment, throughout the club, but nowhere more so than in the stands, every year we have been in this tinpot league the fans have turned up in big numbers, I don't see that changing any time soon especially with the influx of young fans, there will never be a better time to get this kick started!
  12. Seem to recall on "The One F" forum at the time, some mysterious poster giving us lots of inside info ... think it was rumoured to be his auld fella who himself also turned out to be a pretty dubious character?
  13. Or the Wham effort for Ross Macivor Quality, well done lads!
  14. Scott Martin apparently also facing a spell out with a hamstring injury, another huge blow for them if that's true.
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