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  1. Wonder if the special edition shirt will be in reference to the new stand, like the kind of thing Dortmund have done a few times.
  2. Well if Mutch is out until September and Ollie is still out on loan then we’ll need a backup/competition for Stone surely
  3. Think it’s because he’s been on loan at the likes of Hereford and Chorley
  4. I can appreciate where the club are coming from in terms of getting as much money out of this lot as possible; however fucking off a big section of the core support for the sake of a friendly is really shite.
  5. Did Stewart Kean not miss a sitter down the railway end in the same half?
  6. Is that accurate? The club don’t ever seem to engage with an active support, they’d rather send in the bouncers and sniffer dogs.
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