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  1. Gary Oliver was excellent when he came on and deserved his goal. I actually thought Mackie was very good, as was Ross. Happy days!
  2. Very, very comfortable against a team that usually gives us a game. It really could have been 5 or 6 with the chances we created. Thought Mackie and Ross were very good, Mackie getting his assist and generally defended very well. Also, Oliver is technically a very good footballer. Some of his touches, passes and movement is outstanding. His goal just typified it. Really good win
  3. Really hope we get a big turn out on Tuesday. 14 points and it’s definitely curtains for me. 11 points as it stands yet I’m still no set on it being secure. Think the team will need our energy on Tuesday!
  4. MacIver is the striker we’ve been crying out for. Wins a lot of headers, brings others into play and holds the ball up pretty well. Fully deserved his man of the match today.
  5. Stood up to the 13 men we were against. That stand side linesman and referee were an absolute disgrace. They gave fair and consistent decisions until we went 3-0 then Hamilton got everything. Their first goal was offside clear as day yet he still missed it. Constantly getting the decisions wrong and missed at least one penalty in the second half. That gave Hamilton the comeback but our boys stood up to it and never crumbled. Spencer really should have sealed the win. I’m frightful how much that has taken out the team ahead of Tuesday though.
  6. If we beat Hamilton and draw with Montrose that’s a +4 point difference. If we draw with Hamilton and beat Montrose it’s only a +3 point advantage. Therefore, we must be Hamilton IMO.
  7. Anyone who wins a league title is down to what they have done throughout the season and no one else. If it was the case that we’ve potentially won it because of how poor they are, why is no one else challenging us?
  8. IF we replace Arbroath next season, there is no part time clubs next season to finish above. No Alloa’s or Arbroath’s who are usually always expected to finish bottom. That makes it even more crucial we strengthen and consolidate as there is no team you could predict to finish below us.
  9. Just hope we don’t shit the bed next Saturday. Win and it’s next to done IMO. I’m not being negative before anyone says, just scarred from previous years that we usually shit the bed when everything is in our hands/big occasions. Really hope we can do it the easy way and win comfortably.
  10. That’s not what I said. I said teams target his height and it’s not as exposed at present as we tend to do less defending in our league than would be the case in the league above. I think it’s a very valid point considering Airdrie attacked him in every single game last year and had multiple success at doing so.
  11. I’m going to say an unpopular opinion here but IF we go up I’d be thinking about potentially replacing McCann. It’s no coincidence that the better teams we play against constantly target his height. I fear he may be found out in the championship and I don’t say it lightly as I think he’s been decent for us.
  12. The club should really be releasing a statement to condemn what we saw last night. Since it’s all over social media, it’s allowed other club’s fans to ridicule our fan base yet again due to a small number of thugs.
  13. He had at least three from memory in the first half, two from Morrison one of which was with his legs immediately after they scored. Lang has his weak headed second half but also had another which granted wasn’t on target but really should have been. Nicky had nothing out with his double save that still led to a goal.
  14. Spot on. The comments are over the top IMO. We made one mistake and got punished. Their press was better than anything we’ve faced and they set up defensively sound. Their keeper was busier than Nicky and on another night we’d have scored at least one. Just one of them games it didn’t happen for us. Move on and forget.
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