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  1. Much better performance tonight compared to last week albeit against limited opposition. Defence was solid and didn’t look troubled throughout. Hynes in midfield was excellent and as a whole we looked more organised although lack any creativity. Leslie directly up front was fantastic and should play there going forward rather than wide. Even with 10 men we worked hard and never looked in any real danger imo. McCall looks animated at times and showing frustration at our lack of ability but another game under his belt and things look to be better than even a few weeks ago. A massive confidence boost, especially with the clean sheet, sets us up for a winnable game away to Elgin next Saturday. Let’s hope it’s a corner turned.
  2. I’ll accept that “impressive” was probably the wrong choice of word on my part. I would say his record the last few years has been much more impressive than any Clyde manager, especially in cup competitions, but I accept he didn’t win promotion at Darvel (although he was beaten by an impressive Tranent side). The point I was trying to make is that Kennedy is as good an option as we are likely to attract. You mention him spending money at Darvel and EK. Would you have been confident getting a result against Darvel or EK in the cup the last few years? The only saving Grace with us at present is having money to spend. Kennedy’s recruitment in recent years would be a vast improvement on that of Lennon or Duffy. His “soldier of love” comment was stupid but he’s hardly the first nor last manager to make a stupid comment on TV. Remember Danny Lennon and his kids on an island nonsense? The reality of the situation is that we are 9th in L2, with no ground. Very few managers would take us on, especially those in jobs. I’m not saying Kennedy would be a success but His EK team are top of LL and look to have a good chance at promotion this season. He would stand more of a chance of being a success than some “experienced” SPFL managers. It wasn’t long ago people were suggesting Moffat from Clydebank as an option for manager. Why would he be better than Kennedy? I’m not saying I want Kennedy in the job but for the lack of any realistic alternative, I can’t see any better options in our market.
  3. Interesting that people are saying the don’t want Kennedy. I would ask who do they realistically expect us to appoint? I’m not saying Kennedy would be a guarantee of success, but he seems to me to be as impressive as any of the realistic targets we have. We are sitting 9th in L2 and although we have money to spend, we aren’t an attractive prospect to any potential manager. Personally I would be happy if Kennedy was being considered as an up and coming manager. More than anything I’m glad the board are looking outside suspects like Yogi Hughes, Peter Grant etc
  4. Very interesting post on the official forum by John Alexander. I would urge all owners to have a look.
  5. I have purposely not commented on the EGM issue for a few days to reflect on the main issues. Although I do accept that the current board have made errors in particular relating to the appointment of Jim Duffy, I fail to see what a change in board would achieve at this stage. The board have acted and removed Duffy just as the majority of fans wanted. It should also be pointed out that the current board have attracted substantial investment into the club for the first time in years. The fact that this was secured slightly too late to impact signings in this window is undoubtedly a blow, but the fault cannot be laid at the door of the board. The other major issue is the timing surrounding the decision to call an EGM especially this close to the Crownpoint decision. To potentially waste two years of work for the sake of an EGM at this time is myopic to put it mildly. What would the point in changing board but losing Crownpoint/relocation and being back to square one. It’s been clear for years that not having our own home is killing us and for the EGM group to jeopardise that is, in my opinion, ludicrous. Yes Duffy was a shocking decision but bad appointments are made in football all the time. It’s not worth risking the future of the club for some unknown venture at this late stage of relocation. I’m not against any proposal acting in the best interests of the club as ultimately we all want a successful team on a Saturday. Unfortunately I view this move as nothing more than a vanity project as demonstrated by the mass march on the directors box on Saturday. Those calling for an EGM better have a watertight proposal with guaranteed investment and future home included. If you do not, you may well have killed the club by your actions.
  6. Funny thing is I actually played with Davie Hunter for a few years. He was an excellent player who played at a very high level of Pro Youth for years and could easily play L2 level in my opinion.
  7. At the AGM we were told that the owners of Shawfield do not want to sell to the club, despite several attempts by the club and are no longer contactable. It is unfortunate as it would be the fairytale to return but it is dead in the water. Tomorrow at the drop in meeting at Crownpoint we will hopefully see what a move could offer in terms of owning our stadium and generating money to make us competitive which is what we all want. I would suggest we give the board and Relocation team a chance to show us what is on offer and enter the meeting with an open mind, regardless of our personal feelings.
  8. For the simple reason as has been pointed out several times at owners meetings, we do not own our own stadium, therefore cannot generate any income. There is also no barrier to any wealthy investor putting money into the club but sadly they are not willing to do so at present. I seriously cannot understand why people struggle to understand these concepts. By your logic, would our budget have been much higher by staying at Broadwood? Or in reality would it have been as low as every previous year? the only way we progress as a club is by owning our own stadium it is really that simple.
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