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  1. Distinct lack of red hair in that photo.
  2. for those that haven’t heard this months episode here is the link. Hopefully we will have a true club legend on the next instalment, oh and if you like Charlie Reilly, he will no doubt feature.
  3. He will most certainly have given a post match. Due to other commitments I was unable to travel to Annan today so there won’t be a DTV interview. But @Jan Vojáček will no doubt have them in the paper on Tuesday.
  4. Less than 500 at a home game is more embarrassing.
  5. If anyone is struggling with the stream feel free to message me and I can help.
  6. It’s a business number. Additionally, If anyone wants a carpet laid give me a call.
  7. @Moonball send me a message at +447833328573
  8. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3ZfOzLcvmSGp2uvvEOIbG5?si=Jd4qggIfQvG5ageSDKCrpQ&context=spotify%3Ashow%3A5HQiH66RfLO2KPrqmWkusW
  9. It is on the way, delayed due to editing. I hope to have it for you tonight.
  10. IMG_4002.MOV @Jan Vojáček had as many possible co-hosts as Gregor had centre half partners last season on this one. Coming out this Friday and featuring Stevie Farrell.
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