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  1. Montrose will be jumping on Saturday. Should be a great day out. Get your tickets here; https://montrosefc.ticketco.events/uk/en/m/e/montrosefc_v_falkirkfc
  2. In my opinion, the Ultras have been a welcome addition and have certainly improved the atmosphere at matches. However, like most clubs there is a small element intent on causing trouble and the club need to identify them. Last nights scenes were a disgrace.
  3. Well done to everyone involved at the FSS (past and present) for this tremendous achievement.
  4. End of season report card. FAIL. We have failed in our number one objective which was to get out of the 3rd Division of Scottish Football.
  5. No matter how the club try to spin it, this season has been another failure. As we face our 5th season in League One it is surely time for change. Fan ownership is great in theory but we need external investment if we are ever going to get out of this league.
  6. Should never have been appointed in the first place.
  7. Thank you John McGlynn for giving us back pride in our team. We now have a squad capable of promotion either by winning the league or via the play-offs.
  8. One for the historians. Is £1.2m the worst loss in the history of the club.
  9. Well done Falkirk FC on calling out this behaviour which is totally unacceptable
  10. Absolutely the right thing to do in our current financial position.
  11. Just got my AGM papers by email. Highlights; FFC made a loss of £1.2m in the year to 31st May 2022. Although losses are forecast to reduce this year, the current business model is seen as unsustainable. Options for the club will be outlined to shareholders at the AGM on 23rd February.
  12. The fans (ie patrons and FSS) have done a great job in providing the working capital required to keep the club afloat but in my opinion we will need substantial new investment if we are to achieve our stated aim of reaching the SPL by 2026.
  13. Excellent summary. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the MSG meeting.
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