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  1. Oh don’t you worry pal. I’ll be here win, loose or draw
  2. Agreed. The point was more to do with shodwell’s selective use of facts or too blatantly make stuff up to suit his argument
  3. Hold on…so who paid Griffiths wages then? and by my count Rennie brought in 7 players and still had a worse record than Sheerin
  4. As opposed to the appointment of Martin Rennie which turned out to be such a success??? How much of the cash reserves do you think he pissed away on duds like Griffiths and others who conspired to have a worse record than Sheerin.
  5. Because I already know the answer. If you think i’m full of it then ask the question, and come back on here and tell everyone what they said.
  6. Where does it say my reliable source was a member of the previous board? Reading comprehension ain’t your thing clearly dude. As I said to your mates (the same three that red dot me) if you don’t believe me then ask the Board. I’m sure you have their number. AJ1981 is typing….this’ll be fun!
  7. Go ask the Board then and we’ll see how much of a tale it is. You’re clearly close with them
  8. Not sure how you can equate a guy who invested £2 million (of which he's only had just over half back if my maths are correct) and some Patrons who have donated shares which are, frankly, barely worth the paper the certificate is printed on.
  9. That's correct I believe. I've heard from a pretty reliable source that the club started conversations a few years ago with SA about 'coming to an arrangement' to end the rental payments but these conversations were put on ice when the FSS/Patrons guys took over.
  10. It's the same old story - disagree with anything and you must be aligned to the previous board - yawn. The same accusation could be laid at your door that your bind loyalty means you must have some affiliation to the current incumbents. Plenty on here hiding behind usernames, or leaving the site only to return with a new profile a few weeks later...
  11. You're certainly entitled to your view but atleast do it based on some facts. The previous bowling club committee were the ones who re-established the 'academy'. This is also our third season in L1 under the current incumbents.
  12. Will do bud. Name calling from behind a keyboard - stay classy edited to add: i’m not batting for anyone - i’m just not delusional enough to think that guys are gonna put money into our club when folk are calling them all sorts. If you wanna believe that then fair enough.
  13. The Board have been saying for two years that we need to change the business model and as far as I can see things haven't changed in a business sense - the operating loss is still as large as ever (even when taking into account cup monies and other unbudgeted for income). What happened to all the big ideas that Kenny Jamieson had for changing the operating model? Hot air I suspect. The harsh realities are: There's no opportunity for small shareholders to purchase additional shares. The projections for growth of the FSS are unrealistic (and from recent comments on here it looks like some members have left) The PG are tapped out. They might be able to contribute the odd thousand here and there but they don't have the same financial clout as Ritchie, Alexander, Rawlins. As for those latter three - why on earth would they put more money into the club? Unless they've all developed collective amnesia over the abuse they've received the past few years (much of it on this forum and from members of the current board) then there's no way they'll step up.
  14. Hopefully this Fortress Brockville event is better run than the Latapy night which you guys were promoting. Still waiting on my refund or further information!
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