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  1. Played really well, should have been a lot more, Morrison could have had a hat trick just doing the the simple thing of hitting the target, not bursting the net or going for the near post and McIver thinking he’s Messi instead of giving the ball to any of the 3 players in a better position. The Goalie again, produces good reaction saves, but any time he has to think, he’s a real liability. That time the ball went into the night sky was his to catch all day long, you see him panicking and in the end does a limp-wristed punch. Minor complaints in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Keeper made a save and fumbled the ball, the hamilton defender tried to shield the ball and allow the keeper to recover, Mciver stick out a toe and got to ball before the keeper and it trickled in.
  3. The tension was caused by our bloody goalie, any time we are under the cosh you feel either of the balloons will sell the jerseys. Today Hogarth gave off vibes of get the ball away from me and at corners stays rooted to his line and causes panic in the defence. just like his dad I dont think playing for his local team is doing him any favours.its too pressurised for him. He’s fine when he just has to react but any time there is a decision to made he gives me the fear.
  4. I think Accies are going to win. I have a real bad feeling They need to win and we don’t, so I expect Accies to be more desperate for a result. We don’t have good record in the cups and this is like a cup final for them. The other thing is I think we a due a sending off, for all the crap refereeing, I don’t think we’ve had a man send off, but most importantly the fans are too confident and winding up Accies fans are setting themselves up for a fall. the unofficial motto of expect the unexpected isn’t just for wins.
  5. Just buy another ticket FFS! Buggering about with switching seats and what not, will be a pain in the arse for the staff and our systems aren’t designed to cope with exceptional circumstances like this. i swear we must have the most deadbeat fans in Scotland, folk that cannot afford a tenner a month for fss and folk that won’t buy a main stand ticket to sit in the main stand. It’s nuts!
  6. My sister lives down the street from Rankin, her wee boy goes to games with us, now the lights are getting lighter, he’s getting full use of his Christmas presents riding his wee bike in his gold Falkirk top ringing his bell as he passes his house.
  7. There were too many in that bottom corner of the McAllister stand. Blocking the stairs will put the kibosh on the Ultras. They will need to move right behind the goals and get a bigger area, other wise the police and council will be on the clubs case.
  8. Forgot all about him, most people say Crabbe, but we got him from Dundee Utd. Still signed a monumental amount of dross from them.
  9. I hate Dundee Utd with a similar verve to the Old Firm, stole our management team, were in the vanguard of keeping us down because of the stadium criteria, then votes for ICT to groundshare with Aberdeen - I remember rumours of Thomson personally viewing our Hybrid pitch to make sure it was legal. I’m not religious but I hope hell exists and Eddie Thomson and his family are there. I also hate Motherwell - another stadium criteria defender when it suited them. Hearts - stole Jefferies and Brown and our best players. I think Morrison is the best player we have ever signed from a Hearts and we have signed a lot. Steve Kirk blootering the ball into their fans is a highlight of my Falkirk watching - I know he hit a wee lassie, but it’s the thought that counts. I see Airdrie and Dunfermline as rivals but I don’t hate them, see a lot of hate for Aberdeen but Aberdeen and Dunfermline voted for us to get promoted.
  10. Where did our electric subs boards go to?
  11. It doesn’t cover all the failings but should be an * whenever Falkirk have spent X years in the third tier is mentioned.
  12. We were totally fucked by Covid and the SPFL 2 points behind Raith, better goal difference, with Raith still to visit TFS when the leagues were called. Yet another time Falkirk have been fucked over by Scottish Football authorities
  13. Was worried we might get a fuss pot, superstar Premier ref for tomorrow as I think we are due a sending off but nope just one of the usual lower league refs.
  14. Is it worth loaning a fringe player like Lawal and maybe even Allan to other teams in this league? They cannot play against us, but might help take points off Hamilton and Cove
  15. It’s madness to suggest we wouldn’t miss Morrison. Even if he’s not playing well, the opposition need to make allowances for him and this frees up space for others. I think it’s important that we don’t stop players who have a chance to progress. You have more chance of getting ambitious young players to join us in the future if we are seen to be club that will give you a chance but won’t stand in your way.
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