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  1. There is a story doing the rounds that another astro is going into the Argyll. One for the club would be a money maker 100%. All the teams in the area, nevermind all their age groups. Over 35's, and if they buy additional goals you could gave a 7's league and walking football. That's before you consider hosting tournaments etc. It would be great, and there is or were funding and grants. But its went quiet, even though Faz mentioned it at the meeting with fans.
  2. Even though we lost. After occasions like yesterday I'm always concerned there will be a drop off in the next game. Their record at home adds to those concerns
  3. He was going bananas during the first half
  4. Imagine the number of team with multiple ages groups trying to find astro parks during the winter months for training on. Guaranteed bookings 6-9 every night of the week (if wanted)
  5. "developing our Castle Road home" whilst an application sits with WDC planning for building houses.
  6. This link should work https://www.dumbartondirect.co.uk/
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