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  1. had tears in my eyes watching these goals go in and seeing the players celebrate..... i picked Tom's peach at Annan.
  2. my reaction is a no, but NO was also my reaction to McIver, Nissy signing a two year extension and Finn playing at right back.
  3. we saw them first hand on Saturday, the Accies bought them. i was in them once, a lot of fun but a crap view lol
  4. Two of our most difficult away days were at Forthbank. The Binos played really well, fighting for every ball and playing some decent stuff. I think being the only grass pitch in the league is an advantage to the home team. This is going to be a belter. So much at stake.
  5. I hope Philippe Clement's embarrassing lack of class today up in Dingwall will count against him in the race for manager of the year, it has to be McGlynn
  6. agree with all of this only to add that McGlynnn and Smith have built this team and the style of play having come in at rock bottom and transformed the club but they haven't done all this themselves, we have all played our part in various ways.
  7. hamilton remind me of us last season, some very good players, some potential and a lot of jersey fillers. they have an enormous squad (6 or 7 more than us i think) and a shortage of leaders. Injury playing its part there. rebuild required but it may be good enough to go up if they can get their best players up and running.
  8. there's a loud group of gammon who drink in btw, the wheatsheaf and the woodside drunk on their own supply of stone age logic that immediately spring to mind
  9. sold all that history and tradition to be a rich guys ego trip
  10. i know you didn't ask me this question @Bainsfordbairn but i thought i'd share this from the first aid saftety awareness training i was at on Friday. i naively thought the fuss with them was a bit ott, getting caught up in the whole spectacle they bring but my mind is changed now. you can see ive blanked off one of the images for what i hope you and anybody else reading this will realise is a good idea. it's as bad as it looks from the edited version, no bs.
  11. Morrison for me, but what a struggle it was to decide on one, I feel like I'm being unfaithful to 4 or 5 the others I didn't pick.....
  12. We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on it.
  13. yeah the only survivors are Nisbett and McCann signed by Holt and Morrison signed by M&M. both Nisbett and McCann didn't feature much under Rennie yet have thrived under McGlynn. good to see.
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