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  1. Scott Burns was the one breaking the Hamilton bids too.
  2. I never criticised Gary Deans regime for restarting it. That was a good move in the right direction. The damage was done by Lang and Campbell and the Brentford model nonsense. As someone who was well known around the club said to me two weeks after the decision was made. “A decision made by side of the mooth c***s” And let’s not forget they were offered funding to keep it open
  3. This post comes for complete ignorance of the Academy and it boils my piss. It takes no account of the changes we went through and where it was going when it was closed. The same bilge that was talked by those who were behind the decision to close it. Which has set our club back at least five years. All the early recruits to the first team came about when it was the Falkirk Academy. When it was changed to the Forth Valley and we were forced into bed with the other local clubs by the SFA and directors who saw it as a way to save a few quid, many parents took the best kids elsewhere. That took a bit of recovering from, but confidence was rebuilt and at the time we closed it we had amongst the best 13 and 14 year olds in the country. So much so there are 13/14 of those players now with senior contracts. The likes of Kai Fotheringham for example. The other bit this “focus” on the first team misses is that when a young kid comes through the academy he is on washers (a fact quickly lost on those who closed it) rather than throwing stupid cash at the bilge we had to endure in recent seasons. Youth development takes time and investment but done well we have proven in the past it produces results and finance. We are rebuilding it gradually which is right but if the Board decided to divert more cash that way once we move up from this hell hole I would be very supportive. It is a revenue stream we cut off and was a disgraceful decision.
  4. It was a mate of a mate who I used every time I went
  5. I remember doing business in the early 90’s in NI. I used to get a taxi driver to take me around clients as you just needed to be careful where you went to. I now regularly go to Dungannon to see a client and it is a lovely place to go - even though it seems to rain even more than Scotland. On top of that the people are lovely.
  6. Only time will tell of course but I think Raith will beat them on Friday so we probably won’t be facing them if we beat TNS. I would rather play Airdire TBH. Reading the match thread they a riddled with injuries. Next season I am sure we will be locking horns with them because they won’t get out of the Championship.
  7. Just to think quoting Gary Deans at the infamous Q&A. I am paraphrasing but along the lines of “if I thought changing the chairman would make a difference I would step aside tomorrow and get my Saturday’s back”. Well blow me down we haven’t replaced him and it has improved.
  8. The betting has us just above evens, 5/2 the draw and 2/1 TNS. That tells me they see it difficult to call
  9. You take absolutely no account of our progression. Just look at below, think about our record v Championship teams this season and how much our side has changed. Look at this below and tell me we have not moved on at a rapid rate. We have been playing against a “very poor standard” for nearly 5 years. I would fancy us against Airdrie any day of the week now.
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