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  1. The festive season is getting into full swing in the Granite City finally! Woke up this morning, much to the dog's delight, to find it's been snowing overnight and it's white outside... I'm sure Balmoral won't be white, it'll just be the usual freezing cold rain and blowing a gale! Would've been looking to get back to winning ways today regardless of the current situation at the visitors, but given the difficulties being faced I'd expect us to score a couple now as well - Cove's preview seems to revel round the negativity... pot kettle if you ask me, because I see Hartley leading us down the same path in time if given the chance! Thankfully Josh Kerr is still suspended but in good news (on 2 counts) neither Fraser Fyvie or Balint Demus are out overly long term and require surgery - both expected back within 6-8 weeks. Luke Strachan is also "nearing full fitness again" which at least it gives a bit more depth to the wide areas. Would think the club are hoping for a decent crowd today, which will be weather dependent I'd imagine, no doubt they've spent the week panicking about the situation at Edinburgh worsening and needing to cancel the match and lose the corporate jolly for the day! Going to go for an ambitious 4-0 win - more goals from Burrell, more dross from Megginson. If I'm going to freeze for a couple of hours I expect goals!
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