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  1. Let’s face it. Queens are pish and we have now taken one point from them in three games and have not scored against them at home. Everyone was shocked to see KRH in central midfield. What is the manager thinking? why do we persist in playing one up top ? Why not get someone to play within ten yards of Kane so that, you know, they might actually link up? we had three central strikers on for a good half hour. You’d think the manager might get his players to go back to front, get some balls into the box, hassle the centre backs and, you know, maybe get a wee break in the box, mix it up, give them a different problem.? Nah, just keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. Well, guess what ? a smart manager would see that today
  2. Doubt the board will push the boat out for players ? That’s not their strategy.
  3. Draw was fair. Enjoyable enough game. Pitch surprisingly dry considering its monsoon season.
  4. Hammy and Otoo the only pair in the running. Hammy shades it for me
  5. Crikey, so many experts can’t agree on how we played?
  6. Not all wins are going to be as a result of braw fitba. You have to be able to win ugly as they say. We done just that and glad we could put out a physical team. Icing on the cake was Muirhead missing the pen. An absolute charlatan whilst at the pars
  7. Final 7 games massive. On a positive note, we will be able to pick from pretty much a full squad. Comrie the only one not available
  8. McPake doesn’t like awkward or probing questions hence the bland give us your thoughts on the game opening salvo every week
  9. That’s correct but they don’t contribute to the £1m loss. That’s the worry.
  10. On the one hand they talk about respect and on the other, fans are kept in the dark about their mid to long term plans. I don’t think they have one, to be honest. This is Meggle’s project and he has roped in some well off pals to support it. He is using us as a Guinea pig. this academy/training centre will not be sustainable. I’m certain we won’t make money by developing our own players. Most of our good young players have been picked up from other sides. btw. That £1m loss does not include any costs associated with the training ground or include any pay offs to grant and Hughes . this was included in accounts to May 2022 so great financial management. I wouldn’t let cook run a bath. As ceo he should carry the can
  11. Raith two up and lose 2-3 to Arbroath. Will cost you the league
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