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  1. I would seriously doubt this. Outside of a small handful of teams topped by EK who can spend big, many teams run on modest budgets. The ex-spfl clubs with their initial parachute payments all probably had reasonable budgets when they were first relegated and those teams budgets have fluctuated depending on added external investment (east Stirlingshire for example). Add to that their larger fan bases, experience of recruitment and different levels of finance, plus their board members and all the connections and partnerships they’ve had over the years, they are probably in a better place than many of the other lowland league teams. There is definitely more money in the league than there has ever been but for many teams there ability to compete is built on the experience and recruiting skills of their managers.
  2. . I’ve read the thread. I think the reason it has encouraged such passionate responses is because what you are proposing is ridiculous in a competitive way. In some of the other threads EK spending big on lots of players has been widely condemned and their ‘sporting integrity’ questioned. I think what you are proposing is far worse. Effectively what you appear to be suggesting is that since Gretna and Edinburgh Uni are performing poorly this season they should take a payment to escape the sporting challenges they face. In essence get paid to lose their sporting integrity! Like I said at the start, Ridiculous! I understand both teams are struggling to compete successfully on the pitch. But that must be a result of both of their whole clubs failures. The boards, committees, staff, coaches and players are all contributors to their current status. However no matter how tough it is on and maybe off the pitch the reason they exist it sto compete as best they can in the environment they chose and if they can’t they will find their level - in this case get relegated. As some one said above if they chose to resign they’d probably have to rejoin at the bottom of the pyramid. Is a potential parachute payment worth losing the clubs earned place in whatever respective league they fall into on top of losing their sporting integrity and respect? I don’t think so. And neither should you especially if you are affiliated to Edinburgh uni (or Gretna).
  3. None of these scholarships appear to be compatible with the football team or other team sports?!
  4. FWIW in approx. May 2022 Thomas brown was chair of the lowland league board (while also part of GFR) and he had the decisive vote to keep the ‘guest clubs’ in the league. Which he duly enabled.
  5. Love that! Of course I’ve read threads. But I also realise there is a huge amount of hypocrisy flying around.
  6. If they are bothered I find that surprising. Many of the teams in the league are ‘rich’ men’s toys. How rich they are (comparably) and how willing they are to spend theirs and others money varies a lot in some cases, which is the main difference. But it seems like the intent of the investment is similar. Only the outcome on the pitch is different.
  7. What kind of integrity are you talking about, why does matter in this context and to whom does it matter?
  8. I agree it’s very difficult to build under those circumstances. I don’t feel sorry for the players though. They chose to sign and accepted the big wages they are rumoured to get paid, so must deal with the conditions.
  9. Most leagues in the world have clubs with larger financial resources than the rest of their league which they use to fund their pursuit of success. Works for some and not for others. Kelty did it, even Spartans did it (albeit quite inconspicuously over a few years), now EK are doing it very conspicuously. It’s not how I would ideally like a team to achieve success but it’s not my call. Every team I know would like more money to build a stronger team. I’ve heard the rumours of the sources of the investment and MK’s involvement and I can see why it might not seem fair. What I don’t understand is why so many people are triggered by it?! I agree with a few others that it doesn’t guarantee promotion to league two. In the tier 6 playoff last season Darvel had spent loads vs Tranent who also had good players (but spent way less) were much more of a team and their cohesiveness won the playoff. Edinburgh City, Cove, Bonnyrigg and Spartans all had teams with strong team spirit and fight in their pursuit of promotion. Maybe MK thinks they need to buy players so good that they can overcome this whoever they might face (assuming they win the league).
  10. Yes, one of many roadblocks to progression. Its not about the lowland league coping - we know it can manage the numbers. Its about all the relevant bodies working together in the right way to enable the best path forward. Unfortunately despite our desires we are miles away from that.
  11. Could you regionalise it into North current (Highland), Midland (Fife-Dundee ish), East and West Tobalance out the teams and their feeders leagues? I suppose its a a waste of time because despite the clear need for restructure, as you have said a change in the regions is unlikely.
  12. I understand, do you? If (in the hugely unlikely scenario) team 41 and 42 were both going down into the same league that would create a problem. The lowland league has a 16 team limit so in a hypothetical scenario if two league 2 teams were to be relegated into it that would mean two relegated out of the lowland and no promotion into it (as the rules currently stand). Which in turn would create an understandable problem For the EOS teams contesting promotion. Which is why I said the system needs re-worked.
  13. I agree. My point was simply that progress shouldn’t be denied just because others aren’t doing it. In terms of league 2 the recent demise of the 4 relegated teams shows that having an easier/more relegation there would assist in helping every team find their level quicker. One of the main issues I can see is the huge disparity between the number of teams in tier 5 and 6 in the highlands and the number in the lowlands. Making it hugely unfair and more difficult to progress upwards below the river tay due to the numbers involved. The solution would need to involve regionalisation of both tier 5 and 6. But that would require planning, cooperation and restructuring of unimaginable proportions. between SFA, SLFL,SHFL, SPL and hundreds of clubs! Still I like to dream!
  14. There aren’t 2 or 3 teams relegated in the other tiers so why should there be in the lowland league?!
  15. Numerically that would be ideal. Although what if 41 and 42 were both from the same league?! There are always so many complications. The whole system needs re- worked!
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