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  1. As in a new signing for next season or a player released by a club back in January as a free agent, hasn't played for months and expected to come in to save our season? I'm guessing for next season but who knows anymore.
  2. That is where Levein and Kirk need to learn from their mistakes previous games and make the subs no later than 60 mins tonight
  3. Courier headline suggests Clark will retain place despite lack of goals and being ineffective. Don't know if Gallagher fit for this as would help balance on left side. Need to keep May in team as one of the few who understands importance of this game and will fight for the cause. DJ pre-injury was looking promising so having him on left with Drey on right wing would be good but some form of continuity from Saturday would also be good. Having decisions is not good when Levein is involved. Regardless we have to get behind the team tonight.
  4. So Malky 'to lead the appointment of next head coach' - it's going to be one of the auld Scottish pals act, eh. Guess his ex-Celt defender team mate is arranging a catch up with him ... announce Yogi! Hibees have hibsed it before new manager even appointed!
  5. Had hoped for a club statement today seeing Levein and Kirk getting punted but not to be... Looking back to Clelland's interim game previously v Killie when there was positive attacking and organised football, you do wonder what level of input Clelland is given by the Chuckle Brothers. I'm guessing Clelland is a frustrated figure and more fool Levein and Kirk for not listening to Clelland's ideas. Wednesday's game is huge and an interim management team of Clelland, Griffin and Alistair Stevenson would at least show the fans that the board get it - but won't hold my breath. This season has as much been about checking other scores rather than watching the dross on the field. Whilst all eyes are on Wednesday's game, I guess we are looking for Aberdeen's uptake of form to keep going, alongside a Hibs victory v Motherwell. This would leave Motherwell with little to play for next Sunday whilst Aberdeen going for the win at County ahead of their new gaffer coming in. Oh for the days of going to a Saints game, enjoy the game and not have to rely on other results... Now that I've said that, next weekend will be irrelavent after Levein does what Levein does on Wednesday.
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