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What are your top 5 biscuits?

Apologies if this has been done before.....

1. Classic - oh so good and creamy and chocolatey! :D :D :D:thumsup2

2. Toffee Yo Yos. Do you still get them? They were ace!

3. Taxi - I love these

4. Penguin - so chocolatey, the orange chocolate ones are the best!

5. Blue Ribband - Nice and wafer-y

Reminds me of a joke! Something to do with a fight in the biscuit tin. The Bandit hit the Yo Yo with a Club, tied him up with a Blue Ribband and got away in a Taxi. (Or something like that) Mmm, Clubs are fab too. Can you still get them?

I'm NOT craving british food, oh no, not me.... :bairn:bairn:whistle

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Guest Honest Bob

Okay, here goes.........

1. Chocolate digestives (McVitie's only, mind!)

2. Taxi

3. Twix fingers

4. Toffe pops

5. Breakaway

Mmm, I'm hungry now - is it lunchtime yet? :blink:

Oh, just thought of Mint Viscounts too!!!

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Actually, it was your username that got me thinking about bisCuits! Damn you! 9 days till I can have a decent biscuit from home! :angry:;)

By the way, whoever it was that mentioned Toffy pops - you are a genius! :D

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