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Eurovision Song Contest 2005


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Ok i know this contest is treated with some derision and i understand for why. I fell into liking it due to staying with a girl and the advent of the internet in our house. I dont stay with the girl anymore and thats because of the advent of the internet in our house back then but anyhow i aint here to talk about me and her. (it was in self defence you know. The press just blow things up dont they?)

:lol sorry anyhow. THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2005. Watch the songs here-



and then check the odds



Bet Until : 16:00 19/05/2005

Multibet Competitor Price Unit Stake E/W

Greece 11/4

Norway 11/2

Switzerland 9/1

Iceland 9/1

Hungary 9/1

Malta 12/1

Bosnia & Herzegovina 16/1

United Kingdom 20/1

Netherlands 20/1

Estonia 20/1

Belarus 20/1

Sweden 25/1

Lithuania 25/1

Cyprus 25/1

Serbia & Montenegro 33/1

Russia 33/1

Israel 33/1

Germany 33/1

Denmark 33/1

Spain 40/1

Slovenia 40/1

Romania 40/1

Latvia 40/1

France 40/1

Austria 40/1

Albania 40/1

Ukraine 50/1

Turkey 50/1

Ireland 50/1

Croatia 50/1

Moldova 66/1

Portugal 66/1

Finland 66/1

Poland 100/1

Monaco 100/1

Macedonia 100/1

Belgium 100/1

Bulgaria 100/1

Andorra 100/1

They go 1/4 odds (1-2-3-4) a place as do most.

I wont mention my thoughts so as not to influence your decision but its a good way to combine drinking, gambling and 'doing something with the woman' in one evening and youve still got an hour or 2 in the pub after youve watched the dodgy betting and your xenophobic streak has come to the fore (get into the Germans and Turk's ;))

I should be able to make a dvd available of all the songs so as you can let all the family listen to them and get their views in. If your mum likes cliff Richard and Barry Manilow or is prone to phoning up for them daft shows on the tv these days then i wanna know what she thinks.

Ive won the last 4 years ive taken up the poofy Euro habit and my short list of 5 are contenders im telling you. there's even a 100/1 shot in there. anyhow ill go now. Cheers for the usuall great info on Scots div 1-2-3 when you aint all arguing amongst yourself

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The final is on the 21st of May and the semis a couple of days earlier. Victor Chandler bookies have a market for countries to just qualify for the final (10 from 25 i believe and have some amazing prices.

Bets im VERY interested in are-

Estonia To Qualify For Final ~ 8/11

Hungary To Qualify For Final ~ 1/6

Iceland To Qualify For Final ~ 1/7

Lithuania To Qualify For Final ~ 4/7

Netherlands To Qualify For Final ~ 4/9

The bottom 2 represent amazing value imo and i aint so sure about them allowing multiple bets but i think i'll have my biggest bet ever on them 2 depending on the maximum stakes allowed. 4/7 and 4/9!!!!!! they should be the same price as Hungary the pair of them. Unbelievable value.

Ive had a few quid on Holland to just win the tourney at 20/1 (Hills). Their as low as 10/1 in places and with 1/4 odds for 1-2-3-4 i am pretty confident in getting a return. I will be putting every spare penny i have on Holland at that price right up till the event.

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aye its a grower and one the birds seem to like. E/ value poss. Here's what i wrote abote the songs on my first listen-

Albania - Nah after a good start the vocal delivery is no good. Not popular enough. Dismissed for now.

Austria - tribal beat to start. too foreign possible the vocals. The singer looks like an old boot too. No chance

Belarus - Nice muical start. mmmm poss need a good chorus. Bit bland. Not really going anywhere. Got some stage pressence mind the lead singer. Surely there is gonna be better than this to come.

Belgium - Ballady. Could be bad. Foreign sounding. Nah bad image too. No chance. If he was playing the piano too then more of a chance. chorus??? oh dear what a bad change. This is awfull. Binned.

Bosnia - Disco. Abba sounding actually. 3 blondes. Could they pull it off on the night? song sounding average but dont they all. Quite catchy. Best so far i suppose. Oh a wee fun bit there. Needs all the help it can.

Bulgaria - sounds sad. This song is putting me off reviewing these songs If you dont mind i aint listening to that no more.

Crotia - Robin Hood/Braveheart start. vocals dont sound too good. Too miserable. Think i'll pass. Ill wait for chorus tho. Fcuk off that aint a chorus. Terrible chord structure the lot. Annoyingingly bad.

Cyprus - Very euro. Destinys child with a passport. Oh its a bloke. Justin Timberlake he aint. Too gay. Might get the gay vote then but the song aint that good even for botty boys.

Denmark - Nice wee piano. Aye musical. Boy can sing. Its went reggae Ub40 reggae. Ruined it for me. Prob will look bad on a stage too.

Estonia - interesting start. cool man. Oh went very average. Chorus almost works. Got a trashy beat and jarring guitar. Not too bad i suppose. Aye its a grower. A good performance could work for them. again interesting. Its in Estonia too aint it?

Finland - Soft melodic crappy kind of song. Needs to be saved with a nicely sentimental chorus. which sadly it doesnt appear to have.

France - Euro trance man not to inspiring so far. Singer looks like shes got a wee bit a chinese in her. All the same Justin timberlake still we accoustics stop start guitars like most of the songs so far. boring really. Nah discount.

FYR Macedonia - Ethnic. Sounds like it will be a nother Timberlake song. Dear dear it is too. This is awfull. no singer is gonna win like this. there is got to be something a bit diff. this is just like every other song. the hats an instant loser with the olies.

Germany - no they do something dif usually. Rock this year Sounds familiar. Guns and Roses. If she sung a bit clearer she would have a chance. Big syth sound going on. Ive got my lighter out now and waving it. Sounds like a few songs put together. Top 3 so far mind.

Greece - Usually good for a laugh Greece. Timberlake guitar to start. tribal sort of beat as per. Jerky Destinys dancing type. Nah no dif than anything else. Not much cop.

Hungary - Is this Ireland? Aye theyve knicked last years winning formula. Just killed it with the vocals. shame really as it had promise imo. If the chorus aint htere then it wont be good enough. Starting to grate a bit I'll pass on this for now.

Iceland - mmmmm big syth bass. nah its gone wrong again. So dull. If hey had follwed Girls Aloud in the Sound Of the Undeground then they might have been contenders. This is shite.

Ireland - Always worth a listen to be sure. Same beats same delivery same sort of song. This cant be ireland surely? its a female Justin timberlake clone with hat to boot. Dana and Jonny Logan will be turning in their graves.

Israel - classy smooth sort of foreign dirge. Wee expected spanish guitar. Oh aye just caught sight of the singer. that aint no lady boy this year. Im in love. Maybe my schoolboy crush is influencing me but it sounds not bad. Nothing special but ok. Ill listen o all these 4 or 5 times to be sure ;spurt

Latvia - 60's sounding. looks like a boy band. No its boy band sounding. A big chorus could save this.If it all goes dancy then its dead. Good looking young men could get the young girl vote. Not great but id be a fool to dismiss it at this stage.

Lithuania - Ive family ties to Lihuania so like to look out for them. Gloria gaynor style. Oh aye shes not bad. Nah her tits aint big enough and that could be reason enough to dismiss this average song.

Malta - Sounds like Dirty Old Town. Oh its not. This is gonna be bad. Nah pleasant womans voice. Bit of a chubster. Aye she is that. Might get the sypanthy vote and a fat person is due a win. Songs nice enough. You cant pick too many holes in it. How do they manage to do such average songs. aye big note there which im sure she'll hit on the night. Leading contender so far imo. 1st song ive listend to till the end.

Moldova - rock and roll man. Heh this is cool. aye this is what its all about. heh its getting better, this is my new favourite band it is too. great stuff. Aye this is good. Sorta rappy reggae rocky pop. Shame the lead singer aint a bit more angelic but defo the best attempt so far at writing a 'real' song. My Fav. Turkey done ok with the novelty rap sorta sounding song. How do Moldova do with their neighbours?

Monaco - How do you follow that? Walt Disney sounding this.Nah this cant do well as its shite. Next!

Netherlands - Mmmm nice enough. Sounds like a real woman song. A bit Whitney than Britney. good voice. A bit womans libby too. Its a song about the power and striuggle of women in the 21st century. I think nahsmall tits again you see. when will they ever learn, When was the last time a woman with wee tits won Euro? Actually that was quite a big performance there. She looks like Whitney too. Possible.

Norway - Noway rocks Man!!!! fcuk just seen them. Dont know if their image will go agains them or get them votes. If you like soft rock youll prob not mind this truth be told. Sounds like so many songs in that genre. Maybe one to watch in a match bet.

Poland - Wtf? Its playing at the wrong tempo. Ah its Latin Polish music. Bloody greasy Poles this is bad aint it? Sorry Heniek but no joy for you guys again this year. Better than last years effort mind.

Portugal - i aint looking forward to this. Ambient start. no it aint. shite shite. Ok ill give it a chance. nah ear-ache material.

Romania - Robin Hood. Big beat expected. Nah we're getting some vocal intro. yip theirs the beating big oil drum thingy. Yip its as expected. Zena is the new euro fashion. big voice but poor song.

Russia - Could it be a song about oppression? guitar start not bad. vocal ok if not a bit bland. Big beat break expected. Nah theyve went for the big powerfull chorus. Not working. I'll pass.

Serbia - Nice violin. nice sad. Oh dear the singing started. I like all that timpani and them big metal things that you hit. this is bad. Its depressing. No chance.

Slovenia - Not a bad start but not what people want. Oh its one of these songs is it. Nah.

Spain - should be a leading contender lets hear it. Oh aye. ketchup songy. and tits. Mmmmm chorus aint working. Aye not bad. One for my short list. Happy song and they mention the sun in Spanish to i think which worked on me psychologicaly.i think. The aint mixed it up enough toward sthe end. Could be not a bad finish with some lights and smoke etc.

Sweden - bound to be a single male ballad. Aye jazzy. aye not bad. Could enthral the audience. Getting worse. Aye shame about the chorus. that had a chance. Still worht a look in a match bet again though.

Switzerland - Nice sad start. A bit of viola or something. nah lacking that certain j n'sai pas(??)

Turkey - another usually good entrant. Aye everyone likes a bit of bhangra. Nah its quite turkish i suppose. I aint so sure about the general appeal of the song. the singer looks right smug with herself too. Javid who owns my local shop will like it but wont waste his money phoning in a vote.

Ukraine - won it last year i believe. wonder if theyll use the pink floyd intro. no its not. Its a nirvana riff. fcuk its big Kev from everyones local. wont be winning on their own turf this season.

Uk - Ok here we go. Fcuk its Turkish sounding. dear dear lets have a wee peek at Javine. Aye i like her and her small tits sort of suit her persian cat type face. I'd give her nipples a right rubbing. Song aint much cop.

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Guest zonker84

Still struggling for much action here I see :rolleyes:

For what it's worth, I think the Netherlands and Lithuania to qualify bets would be decent. Having listened to bits of the others in the qualifying, at least 8-10 of them can be ruled out as they're totally laughable.

Since 10 out of 25 qualify, odds look pretty decent :D

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hello there Z. You get about you old slapper you. Pssst If no-one about Zonk i'll mention my new site as some might want to see it for all kinds of everything.


got some good stuff on there and will be the best by new seaon. Love to get a tie in with P&B as theirs some good lads and info over here.

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