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Anyone watch this? Currently on the 4th season on Netflix and have to say although it's tailed off a little bit, it's a fantastic easy watch. David Duchovny as the main character gave me doubts as I thought I'd just always associate him with The X-Files, but he's brilliant in it. The best part in the series is Dana White lookalike Charlie Runkle as his storylines are hilarious most of the time!

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Started watching this today after a recommendation and four episodes in already, which when it's a half-an-hour show is a lot for me. I normally tail off at the end of episodes, and although it's kinda happening here, the 'previously on...' helps. Really enjoying it and was quite surprised to see the thread's only had two responses.

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Finished this just there. Definitely worth a watch but it gets kinda rubbish from season 5 onwards, even with Tim Minchin and RZA as main characters in seasons and various other cameos. Pretty disappointed with the ending even though it was kind of an inevitability but overall it was a pretty good watch.

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