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So Margaret (Cur-rant), not the best day today, how is the campaign going?

But the weather would be much worse with separatism. In the UK the average temperature is 10 degrees but in Scotland is only 6 degrees so therefore we are on average better off by 4 degrees by being in the UK. Any fool can see that. Its a bit like the average wage, in the UK it is £26,500 but in Scotland it is £20,900. The separatists say you could be £1,000 pounds better off but if there was separatism you would immediately have the average person being £5,600 worse off and why risk that. And you would also lose the benefits of being big on world stage. It allows us to be hated by up to 90% more countries something you just cant manage as a wee country. Besides, when we can spend £20bl to replace nuclear weapons, that we also get France and USA to triplicate even though we know our immediate threat is from terrorist groups that dont have a defined area to blow up, why would we want to spend that money on things like childcare support, what would that achieve? We are proudly one of the most unequal societies in the world it has taken us 300 years being better together to get there why would you want to risk all that effort by being a wee country again.

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...leave the country if the referendum vote goes against their wishes?

I was speaking to someone today who gave the immortal line of "I'll leave the country if we vote Yes". Naturally he was a rotund simpleton in his 40's who sported a Rangers top, had an ugly dog on a lead and was bedecked with unionist, loyalist and paramilitary tattoos. He could barely speak for the amount of Greggs sausage roll he was feeding into his corpulent face while bestowing the virtues of the Queen and the military and how his grandfather had fought to "keep Britain British" (subtlety and international politics of the 30's/40's was clearly not his strong point). The final flourish was to proclaim that the No vote would win because Alex Salmond was "fat and stupid". The irony was lost upon this ne'er-do-well although I did enjoy the lack of awareness on his behalf. The picture of a typical, uneducated, bigoted No voter was complete.

After spending several minutes giving him "the banter" about how he was just "at it" and no matter what way the vote goes he'll be sitting pretty, claiming his dole; it was a guess, although no surprise it was correct, but he was adamant.

Are there any people here who will leave the country dependent on the result?

I saw the thread title and was reminded of this.

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