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As the ducks line up, do you want to be...

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...left holding onto the shirt-tails of a UK that is lurching to the right?

A long time supporter of David Cameron has quit the Conservatives moved to UKIP and stood down so there can be a by-election. You don't do that if you feel you are going to lose (technically he could have just moved across to the opposition benches without standing down and calling the by-election). Boris Johnson has said he will fight a very safe Tory London seat at the next election. Nigel Farage will quit his MEP seat and contend an seat in Kent that most consider a foregone conclusion. UKIP polled nearly a 1/3rd of the votes at the last EU election in England, just over 1/10th in Scotland.

There has been a rise of anti-immigration and anti-EU feeling within the shires South of the border. The Tories are currently infighting about who will succeed Cameron with the candidates coming from the right wing of an already right wing party; May or Osborne, with Johnson lurking in the background all the time calling for Scotland to have reduced funding and advocating the removal of "innocence before proven guilt" in the courts.

The Liberals are dead in the water, they are going to be struggling to hold onto their deposits in many constituencies. Their hopes of being king makers again sit in tatters amongst Cleggs lies on tuition fees and right wing capitulation.

Labour is struggling with a figure head that nobody likes and nobody relates to in Miliband. A man foisted onto the party by union block vote when the party faithful all wanted his far more amenable and public relation savvy brother. Most Prime Ministers have low approval ratings, it goes with the job and most end up being behind the polls to their opposition counterpart but Miliband is struggling, almost bucking the trend, to retain a slender lead. This is when the Tories could be considered to be at their most loathsome with their cuts and clique of Bullingdon Club power block. When it comes to the next general election, while some may be put off by tory policies more are put off by Miliband. What's more, even if the unlikely happens and Labour get into power they have said they will broadly stick to the cuts and budgets laid out by the Conservatives. Not so much a change of power at number 10, more a change in the man delivering social inequity and poverty.

A No vote will leave us desperately clinging onto the handcart that is careering towards the Hell of a political, social and ethical United Kingdom no Scot wants to see. Even the most ardent No voter doesn't want to see a lurch to the right with all the policies of inequity and intolerance that is happening down South, but they will be powerless to stop it and they will need to take the blame when we are dragged along with it despite it going against the desires, hopes and aspirations of the Scottish public.

Project Fear? I'll tell you what fear is. It's watching as those who have power over us line their ducks up in a row and take us down a dark an ominous route.

TL;DR? Vote No for an unfair society. Vote No for a society based on poverty, food banks and a distrust of foreigners. Vote No for a society that wishes to isolate itself from Europe. Vote No to keep Trident, HS2 and all the other vanity projects that don't benefit the Scots. Vote No to retain the right wing nutters down South deciding on our future. Vote No and watch, helplessly, as those ducks line up....

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