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We thought it was a thing of the past but sadly it appears that hooliganism is alive and well in League One.

Fans need to know which fixtures to avoid so use this thread to warn others of the horrors you have witnessed.

The Battle of Balmoor will doubtless ensure that the riot squad are on hand when Morton visit your town. There's clearly still a bit of the old Viking blood in their veins.

Airdrie fans caused offence at East End on Saturday with what I could only describe as fat blokes in Christmas jumpers making hissing noises. Making hissing noises in reference to Carbon Monoxide poisoning - aka the Silent Killer - is always a wee bit of a puzzler but nonetheless it ruffled some feathers.

Let's hope there's no repeat of Dunfermline's shameful flower bed trampling and bench defacing from last season.

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