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UK Postcode online independence polling...

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I don't like this because it calls us "Scotchland", I also don't trust the results either. I also believe the usvsth3m website is a data mining bullshit site (the scraped results go to The Mirror - you can see that in the source code of the HTML).

However with all that said, here is the link:


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Wow! Just wow! See when I said I don't trust the results it wasn't because it was a map of No's. In fact the majority of the entries were Yes, yet within 10 minutes hundreds of votes have just suddenly appeared and they are all No?

That said, it's the Scots ones that matter (if they do matter of course, it is all a lot of bullshit).

Edit: Decided to add my vote in to see if you could add multiple entries and it turns out you just need to refresh the page. So this is just a load of bullshit that is massively open to fraud.

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