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You might feel this is a tad late with just under 3 weeks to go. If you wanted to have an impact you really needed to do this a few years ago. Which, funnily enough, Aidan O'Neill did exactly that.

Who is that you might wonder? Well Mr O'Neill is a bit of a contradictory chap, or at least the cases that he represents seems to show a habit to flip flop on his political allegiances. For example, in 2011 he was claiming he would take the issue of non-resident Scots having a vote to the EU courts of Human Rights to have the result declared null and void. It's not gone particularly well to be fair, but hey, who knows, God loves a trier. Yet just a year later he was claiming that legally Scotland was entitled to continue as an EU member state after independence. He went on to launch a legal bid against same sex marriage then fought against minimum alcohol pricing. Yes Aidan O'Neill is an odd character.

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